You can always use thematic multimedia content as a part of your nostalgia marketing activities. They will allow you to share positive emotions with your audience and evoke pleasant memories. Besides, people themselves often resort to nostalgia to support themselves in tough times.

When it comes to this, there’s no better summer association than a trip to the seaside. Choose this topic for your upcoming campaigns to give your clients a feeling of power and balance. Your banner ads, newsletters, and social media posts with sea-themed images will definitely attract your audience’s attention. In addition, the color Blue Aquamarine is associated with the sea, and is one of the biggest summer trends in 2022.

Are you planning a seasonal project? Add some interaction to it by using video and audio tracks with sea ambience. Not only will your project look stunning, but it will also have a calming effect on your audience; the rhythmic sound of waves helps people enter a meditative frame of mind.

To save your time searching for relevant content, we’ve created a special collection with photos, videos, and audio files that remind us of the best seaside holiday moments.

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Sea-related topics for your seasonal projects

Games on the beach 

Фото дівчинка грається на пляжі


Favorite sea-side sports

Фото серфінгист у морі


Cheerful picnics 

Колекція фотографій, відео та музики, сповнена атмосфери морського відпочинку


Leisure with friends

Фото діти на морі


Beautiful sceneries 

Фото екзотичний пляж


Time by yourself

Фото жінка зі спини біля моря


Meditation with the sound of waves

Фото вид згори на морське узбережжя


Sky full of seagulls 

Фото чайки на морі


Family walks on the beach

Фото родина гуляє на пляжі


Unity with nature… 

Фото жінка на пляжі вид згори


…and breathtaking photos 

Фото жінка з телефоном на пляжі

See collection


To sum up

Attracting your audience’s attention might be a real challenge during hard times.  For this reason, we suggest experimenting with calming visuals and audio tracks. Give your audience a chance to take their minds off daily problems and plunge into their best memories of summer holidays. They will definitely appreciate the effort.


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