Video content production is faster and easier when working with Depositphotos! For all creatives who want to add motion to their website, social media posts, or multimedia art projects, we’re introducing the Video Background Remover.

Our new tool is fully automated, AI-powered, and free to explore.

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Bye-bye, video editing routine! Key facts on the Video Background Remover

From now on, you don’t need to be skilled at video editing, apply costly software, or spend hours cutting out foreground objects manually. A new tool by Depositphotos lets you delete backgrounds from your videos in seconds.

Simply upload your video to the tool’s page and wait for AI to do its job. Then, download your background-free result.

Use processed files for commercial, artistic, or personal needs; what’s more—delete backgrounds from any video you like (not just from the Depositphotos video library). People, objects, animals, and abstract graphics are all welcome.

The Video Background Remover accepts videos in AVI, MOV, MP4, MPG, and MPEG with a maximum duration of 60 seconds and a file size of 2 GB. Your results will be available for download in MP4 format.

Video Background Remover


3 steps to creating a background-free video

The Video Background Remover is one more component of the Depositphotos ecosystem that we continue to improve. Just like the Image Upscaler, Image Background Remover, or Search by Image, it is an AI-powered way to speed up your work routine. See how it works:

Step 1. Upload your video 

Drag and drop or select a file from your storage on the Video Background Remover page.

Video Background Remover

Step 2. Wait a couple of seconds

Let our AI algorithms recognize objects in your video and detect the background. For the best results, make sure your background is easily identifiable.

Step 3. Download the background-free video 

Download your video now or later—all processed files will be available for 7 days. Then, we’ll delete them automatically.

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To get free downloads, click the banner above, switch to «Annual Upfront» subscriptions, and press the «Free 7 Day Trial» button.


Try our Video Background Remover today. It’s free! 

The tool will save you hours of manual video editing so that you can spend more time on creativity.

A free version of the Video Background Remover allows you to upload unlimited medium-sized processed files. And if that’s not enough for you, purchase a background removal plan that includes processing high-quality images and video.

Whatever you choose—we’ll provide you with the best possible background-free results.

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