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Unveiling the summer color trends 2023: 4 hues defining the season

Every summer, sensations flood our senses: the warm embrace of sunlight, the rhythm of waves breaking against the shore, and the rustle of leaves in the breeze. Each of these experiences fills us with emotions and memories.
In the visual realm, colors are what give form to these feelings. That’s why understanding color trends isn’t merely about keeping pace with the design world. It’s about unlocking a new means of communication — a way to speak a language that resonates with the emotions of your audience.

This season, we’re seeing a distinctive shift — a bright spark in the world of color. Taking inspiration from Creative Trends 2023 and recent breakthroughs across graphic design, fashion, art, and architecture, we present to you the trendiest colors of summer 2023: Vermilion, Sunburst, Electric Lime, and Zesty Lemon.



Vermilion: visuals with Vermilion color and HEX code

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As radiant as the setting sun, Vermilion is a summer evening distilled into a singular color. A brilliant red hue, and the embodiment of vitality, intensity and passion. Whether used as a primary or an accent color, it can instantly evoke strong emotions and reactions in your design. This makes Vermilion a perfect shade to infuse your projects with a touch of audacity, resonate with your viewers’ senses, and invite them to engage.

Although Vermilion commands attention, it doesn’t overbear visually. Consider using it this summer to introduce striking elements in your designs, such as call-to-action buttons. Or, utilize it as a main color in visuals intended to inspire or motivate.

Match Vermilion with other colors — its radiant warmth can help you add depth to flat designs.

Vermilion: visuals with Vermilion color and color mix

Pair it with pastel shades to create striking contrast, or with earthy tones for a more grounded yet lively palette.

Vermilion: visuals with Vermilion color and color palette

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Sunburst: visuals with Sunburst color and HEX code

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A deeper and intense combination of red and yellow, Sunburst symbolizes the vibrant energy of the sun at its zenith, embodying the season’s cheerful spirit. It encapsulates the optimism, positivity, and warmth associated with bright summer days. Incorporating Sunburst into your designs infuses them with energy and joy that’s both inviting and engaging.

Use Sunburst to enhance the visual appeal of illustrations or infographics, making them more engaging and memorable. Highlight essential elements of your design with it, or create a vibrant Sunburst background to make your message stand out.

Pair Sunburst with lighter or contrasting shades to create a modern aesthetic.

Sunburst: visuals with Sunburst color and color mix

Combine it with darker colors for Sunburst to truly live up to its name.

Sunburst: visuals with Sunburst color and color palette

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Electric Lime


Electric Lime: visuals with Electric Lime color and HEX code

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Electric Lime — a fusion of energetic green with a spark of vibrant yellow — resonates with summer’s lively rhythm, providing a refreshing break from the conventional color spectrum. It shows the exuberance of nature at its most vibrant, and is associated with rejuvenation and growth.

Incorporating Electric Lime into your designs can introduce an unexpected twist to your visual solutions, injecting them with a revitalizing energy. It’s the perfect hue for sparking curiosity and conveying innovation. Use its boldness in designs to not only demand attention, but emphasize change and add dynamism.

Use Electric Lime to create striking contrast with more muted shades or the color white.

Electric Lime: visuals with Electric Lime color and color mix

It works particularly well in combination with cooler blues or even dark greys.

Electric Lime: visuals with Electric Lime color and color palette

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Zesty Lemon


Zesty Lemon: visuals with Zesty Lemon color and HEX code

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Zesty Lemon captures the essence of a summer’s day with its vivid yellow and slight green undertone. It’s a color that inspires joy, evokes light-heartedness, and encourages spontaneity. When Zesty Lemon is introduced into your designs, it brings excitement and playfulness that’s hard to resist, instantly uplifting your audience’s mood.

Yet, Zesty Lemon is not only for bold statements. It’s equally effective as a subtle accent color. Consider using it for playful elements and fun accents in your designs, or as the background of your visuals to energize other elements.

Combined with vivid tones, it can brighten your design, evoking a lively atmosphere.

Zesty Lemon: visuals with Zesty Lemon color and color mix

Pair it with cooler, more understated shades to add depth and complexity to your design.

Zesty Lemon: visuals with Zesty Lemon color and color palette

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Stay on trend, effortlessly: ready-to-use mockups with summer’s hottest colors at your fingertips

To further stimulate your creativity, we’ve curated a collection of mockups with summer’s most trending hues. They serve as an excellent starting point, encouraging you to play with colors, experiment with their combinations, and ultimately create designs that mark this spectacular season.

The collection’s versatility opens up a realm of possibilities, making it perfect for any project, be it a new website, brand redesign or holiday marketing campaign. It’s not just an assortment of design elements — it’s an artistic toolset that empowers you to visualize and enhance your ideas, ensuring your projects shine.

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mockup palettes with summer color trends 2023

Where do we go from here? Final thoughts on the Summer Color Trends 2023

Summer Color Trends of 2023 present an exciting exploration of dynamic hues that encapsulate the essence of the season. From the fiery Vermilion to the radiant Sunburst, the energetic Electric Lime, and the lively Zesty Lemon, these colors are not just a trend — they are the heartbeat of summer.

They not only enhance the visual appeal of your designs, but also evoke powerful emotions that resonate with viewers, increasing engagement and impact. We encourage you to infuse your designs with energy, and give them the spotlight they deserve!

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