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Fall Color Trends 2023: the combination of depth, complexity, and Resonance

Autumn is already here. This means our senses and emotions have started to slowly change. Like threads, they intertwine with the colors coming into prominence this season. So, what hues are destined to redefine your design palette in autumn? We immersed ourselves in Creative Trends 2023, extracting insights from art, fashion, and graphic design. What did we find? 4 evocative colors that speak to the heart in ways words alone cannot: Mahogany, Brass, Solitude, and Blackberry.

Ready to fill your designs with the season’s most captivating colors? Dive into our in-depth exploration of each hue and find creative inspiration for your future projects.



Fall Color Trends 2023 Mahogany cover

Mahogany is not just a hue, it’s an entire narrative condensed into a color. Far from the superficiality of fleeting trends, Mahogany resonates with resilience and gives off a comforting depth. How does one use this complex color in design? Start by using Mahogany as an anchor — a main hue around which other elements can revolve. Unlike a stark black or a glaring white, Mahogany supports other hues without overwhelming, providing a nuanced backdrop that enriches rather than detracts.

Use Mahogany when you wish to emphasize subtly, not scream for attention. Pair it with metallic colors like gold or silver to create an atmosphere of luxe minimalism.

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Mahogany works perfectly as a base, especially when it can be offset by colors with more eccentric undertones.

Fall Color Trends 2023 color mix Mahogany

Positioning Mahogany alongside pastels brings out an unexpected vibrancy in the softer colors.

Fall Color Trends 2023_palette_Mahogany

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Fall Color Trends 2023 Brass cover

Brass is a combination of glimmer and grit. It’s a color that flits between high-end elegance and down-to-earth authenticity — a rare blend that balances subtlety with hardiness. Using Brass in your designs requires both intuition and intentionality. Its warm and earthy undertones make it a perfect complement to organic textures like wood grains, fabrics, or marbling.

Placed alongside cooler shades like blues or greens, Brass brings a comforting warmth that doesn’t overpower. Yet, you can also use Brass as a refined accent, adding elegance to the details of your designs.

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Given its neutrality, Brass pairs incredibly well with almost all color schemes.

Fall Color Trends 2023 color mix Brass

Alongside earth tones, Brass makes your designs feel more organic and natural.

Fall Color Trends 2023 palette Brass

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Fall Color Trends 2023 Solitude cover

Solitude is a shade that whispers rather than shouts. It’s reminiscent of tranquil light on an early morning — crisp, clear, and delicately diffused. Solitude offers the promise of serenity, tranquility, and mental clarity. As a background color, it transforms your content into a centerpiece, offering an undistracted space for other design elements. You can use it to create “white space,” giving viewers a chance to rest and reset their gaze.

As a semi-transparent layer, Solitude can change the intensity of other colors, diluting hues that might otherwise overpower. It also pairs well with minimalist design elements, such as geometric lines or simple shapes like circles and triangles.

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When used with other pastel shades like soft pinks or baby blues, Solitude creates a dreamy and ethereal aesthetic.

Fall Color Trends 2023 color mix Solitude

When paired with dark tones, Solitude provides a harmonious contrast.

Fall Color Trends 2023 palette Solitude

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Fall Color Trends 2023 Blackberry cover

Blackberry is a hue that seems to have lived multiple lives, with each layer adding complexity and richness to its character. The hue has an intrinsic maturity without the heaviness that comes with darker shades. Blackberry is about being confident but not arrogant, mature but not aged.

Blackberry can serve as a powerful primary color, adding a layer of complexity to other design elements. When used as a background, it offers a depth that allows other elements to come alive, especially lighter colors or metallics. Using a gradient from Blackberry to a darker or lighter hue can add depth and movement to your designs, creating a 3D effect.

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If you’re aiming for a more eclectic style, consider combining Blackberry with bright and contrasting colors.

Fall Color Trends 2023 color mix Blackberry

Pairing Blackberry with neutral tones lets it take center stage.

Fall Color Trends 2023 palette Blackberry

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If you’re designing a website, a product catalog, or a social media post, there’s a mockup that fits your needs. Each mockup is designed to be user-friendly, allowing you to easily insert your designs into various settings. So, get ready to transform your designs with trending colors of the season!

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Fall Color Trends 2023 mockup


What’s unfolding this autumn? Concluding thoughts on Fall Color Trends 2023

Mahogany, Brass, Solitude, and Blackberry are all colors that invite you to embrace the atmosphere of the new season. They offer a unique way to engage with your audience and draw them to your projects.

This autumn, don’t just design — tell stories, evoke emotions, and create deeply resonating experiences. From Mahogany’s rich depth to Blackberry’s intriguing allure, each color trend adds a different flavor of engagement and connection with your audience. Incorporate the 4 main colors of fall, explore our collection, and allow your designs to be felt, not just seen!


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