The most exciting but also the most irritating thing about working in marketing is that you always have to adjust to external factors and events. Whereas today, you can have a thoroughly planned strategy tailored to address your audience’s pain points, tomorrow this strategy might already be irrelevant. Like with the example of the unexpected turn of events in 2020. 

Let’s face it, we have nothing left but to adjust to these circumstances. Slow living that used to be a trend for some is now a given of each and every one of us. People are no longer in a hurry. They are in a lockdown that, paradoxically, urges them to get outside their comfort zone and drastically change their lifestyles. 

If you’re still figuring out how to adjust your marketing strategy in the best way, explore the slow living concept and start using thematic images for your emails, social media and blog posts to appeal to your audience.

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What is slow living?

Slow living is a lifestyle that encourages you to stop rushing and to start enjoying what today has to offer. The concept is the antonym to hustle culture that captivated our lives in the last decade. The basis of slow living are these ideas:

  • faster isn’t always better
  • happiness is in small things
  • digital detox is important
  • you should love what you do 

Although these ideas are not new, mankind managed to embrace them for real only when it was no longer possible to live in any other way. 

At a time when people are re-evaluating and adjusting to their new lifestyles, marketers are sure to be the first ones to leverage this in their communication. It’s also the period when you can rest assured that visuals can speak louder than words. 

Don’t waste time hesitating and start using these types of slow living images to connect with your clients at a time when it’s most relevant. 


10 types of slow living images to better connect with your clients

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1. Turns out, there’s time for hobbies

Indoor shot of professional female artist

2. Not giving up on joy

Connect With Clients Today With Images on Slow Living

3. Photography in the time of coronavirus

stock image of bananas

4. Finally mastering culinary skills

photo of Japanese woman cooking

5. Beautiful interiors

stock image of bright apartment

6. Observing morning rituals

photo of people waking up together

7. Precious time with family

stock photo of family

8. Guilty pleasure: “If not now, when?” 

Emotional young man image

9. Self-care 

stock photo of glamorous woman

10. We’re all freelancers now

image of cat on table

When everyone is stuck in the same situation, carefully consider how you’ll deliver your next message. The main features all your messages should have is a human voice and appealing visuals that would show that you care for your clients and help you better connect to their needs, worries, and concerns. 

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