Every season has its own ambiance that makes it so special and unique. We appreciate winter for its numerous holidays and snowy wonderland. Spring is joyful because of blooming trees and flowers, while summer is a season of vacations and unity with nature. Although many get upset with the beginning of autumn, this season is great for many reasons.

Children go back to school and parents have more time for themselves. We get fair excuses to enjoy comfort food more often and spend more time indoors preparing for Halloween and Thanksgiving. To help you notice the most exciting things about autumn that you can share with your audience, we’ve put together 10 photo collections celebrating the new season.


1. Back to School

Many associate the first days of autumn with the beginning of a new school year. For students around the world, September is the time to get back to meet their mates after the summer break and learn new things. However, the routine and traditions at school vary in different countries. Some are studying at home or in comfy classes with the latest equipment and technology, while others are having lessons in the open air and reading old books inherited from their brothers and sisters.

To showcase the diversity of the school routine in different corners of the world, we created a collection with thematic photos, vectors, and illustrations.

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2. Fall vibes videos

Nothing translates the autumn atmosphere better than thematic videos. You can enjoy breathtaking landscapes shot from a bird’s-eye view, explore seasonal recipes, and find harvesting gems thanks to the footage created by the Depositphotos contributors.

You can also appeal to your audience in the most convenient format for them which is definitely video in 2020. According to the latest statistics on content marketing, 78% of consumers said they would like to see more videos on their feeds. What this means is that it’s time to use footage for your seasonal projects and share autumn vibes with your potential and existing clients.

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Fall Photography Ideas to Capture This Season


3. Mouthwatering autumn cuisine

There are so many things to look forward to in autumn and food is one of them. Seasonal fruit and vegetables, warm drinks, and festive dishes help us get rid of summertime sadness and make us feel better in a matter of minutes.

Moreover, seasonal dishes look mouthwatering not only in reality but on the images as well. You can use photos of pumpkins, apples, hot beverages, and pies to endow your emails, websites, or social media with the inspiring and cozy atmosphere of autumn.

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4. Rainy days

Rainy days have their own beauty as they are directly associated with the autumn season. People spend more time indoors enjoying themselves and not hurrying anywhere. Instead of outdoor activities (that are so common in the summer), they prefer watching movies under a warm blanket, tasting seasonal dishes in a cozy venue, or simply dropping by the shopping malls nearby.

To encourage people to embrace the relaxing vibes of rainy days, use images from this photo collection to illustrate your ideas and projects.

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5. Misty autumn landscapes

If you plan to create a new landing page for your project or want to appeal to your audience this autumn, here’s a selection of mesmerizing images. It features misty landscapes that look inspiring and encourage one to enjoy the season.

You can use photos from this breathtaking collection as website hero images and backgrounds for your thematic emails. You can also download these visuals to create beautiful galleries on your blog or social media to boost your audience’s engagement.

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6. Autumn Illustrations

Looking for an unconventional way to translate autumn vibes in your seasonal campaigns? We’ve got you covered!

Explore this selection of illustrations that will endow your projects with an artistic touch. There are many ways you can use illustrations for marketing purposes, from including them to your monthly newsletter to using them for a seasonal social media makeover. In addition, you can print these illustrations and send them out to your loyal clients to congratulate them on the beginning of a new season. Don’t forget to add a promo code or any other offer as a sign of appreciation in your letter.

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7. Thanksgiving Day, November 26

This year Thanksgiving Day is celebrated on November 26 and you can already start planning and preparing thematic campaigns for this occasion. To save time and effort in searching for stock photos, we’ve put together a photo collection dedicated to Thanksgiving Day.

It includes images of family dinners, seasonal food, autumn landscapes, and festive vectors that you can use for marketing purposes as well.

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8. Day of the Dead, November 2

Brands that are looking to engage with their audiences more often this season shouldn’t forget about less popular but interesting occasions. For instance, Day of the Dead is a holiday celebrated throughout Mexico to honor deceased relatives.

However, the holiday is more fun than sad. People prepare cocktails and food. They dress up, put bright makeup on, and celebrate the day that has a mysterious spirit and provides room for self-expression. Here are thematic images that will help you better understand the holiday and be a perfect fit for your social media or newsletter this November.

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9. Getting ready for Halloween, October 31

Halloween is one of the most awaited holidays for many and brands should try to make the most of the occasion. Plan your holiday campaign in advance and use images from this thematic photo collection as backgrounds for Halloween ads, as well as print and online promotions.

Photos in this selection perfectly translate the spirit of the holiday featuring pumpkins, spider webs, oddly shaped food, and the classical costumes.

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10. Halloween Videos

As Halloween is an important occasion for both customers and their brands, we’d also like to share with you a Halloween video collection. Creepy moments, spooky characters, and unexpected costumes among these footages will surprise your audience and make them appreciate how prepared you are this year.

By the way, last year we created a thematic video that features the scariest footages we have in our library. Switch the light on and get prepared to dive into the Halloween spirit.

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Even if you don’t plan any large-scale campaigns this autumn, you can still keep active with your marketing activity by sharing more thematic content on your blog or social media. You can simply download ready-to-use images from these photo collections and with little effort enrich your projects with autumn vibes.

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