Great news! Your favorite authors are now closer to you than ever with the new Follow Author feature. From now on, track updates from content creators you enjoy in just one click!

By launching the Follow Author feature, we want to help you save time searching for relevant stock content. You can subscribe to an unlimited number of authors and their work, and be the first to see and download freshly uploaded files. Every time an author you chose to follow updates their portfolio, you will receive a notification. Curious to find out more about the feature and try it out? Keep on reading!

Follow Authors

How to start using the ‘Follow Author’ feature

To use the Follow Author feature, you’ll need a Depositphotos account. If you already have one, simply hit the Follow button on the author’s Portfolio page.

Save Time Searching for Content! Follow Your Favorite Authors on Depositphotos

If you still don’t have an account, register by clicking the Sign Up button on the top right corner of the Home Page. It’s free and allows you to access all ​​features.

Save Time Searching for Content! Follow Your Favorite Authors on Depositphotos

After that, you’ll notice the Authors row on your Home Page. There will be two tabs:

  • Following tab displays the last authors you’ve followed. Clicking on the View All button allows you to see a list of all authors you’re subscribed to.
  • Recent Activity tab previews the latest activity of the authors you follow. There, you can see added files for different periods – a week, a month, 3 months, or 6 months. By clicking on View All, you can see the list of all authors’ works.

Save Time Searching for Content! Follow Your Favorite Authors on Depositphotos

That’s all you need to stay updated on new content. Hit the Follow button and get notified each time your favorite authors upload new files.

Follow Authors

Get to know more about authors – explore their portfolios

All authors on Depositphotos have their own portfolios that feature their works and useful information about gear, aesthetics, or even their professional background and experience. Portfolios are an opportunity for authors to showcase their work and get more exposure. At the same time, clients can also find a range of benefits by exploring portfolios in detail.

  • Discover a selection of content uploaded to the library by an author. You can sort files by most popular, most recent, or best match to find relevant images, videos, or music tracks You can also search by keyword within the portfolio and use different filters (portraiture, point of view, orientation, number of people, and more) to narrow down on your search requests.
  • Find professional and personal information authors provided about themself and the equipment they use to create content. To support authors, you can also share portfolios you like on social media or with your colleagues.

Save Time Searching for Content! Follow Your Favorite Authors on Depositphotos

How to find more interesting authors

1. Use the search option on the Home Page to find content you like. When you open a file, hit the author’s name to see what else they’re up to!

Save Time Searching for Content! Follow Your Favorite Authors on Depositphotos

2. Look at the curated collections ​​we carefully selected for you. Dive in to find the best themed content and the most impressive authors.

3. Create a Depositphotos account to receive our newsletters. Every week, you’ll receive a selection of newest or free files, and will have a chance to find new authors.

4. Explore our blog. By clicking on the images in every article, you will be automatically redirected to the Depositphotos website, where you can also discover authors and other content they create.

Depositphotos offers 150,000 authors to choose from. We want your journey of finding relevant content to be as smooth as possible. With the new Follow Author feature, you can always keep up with the creators you like. Save your time -, subscribe to your favorite authors.

Follow Authors

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