Whether you are a business owner, a marketing team lead or a freelance creative, you definitely want your project to stand out. Sometimes you need videos to liven up a website or campaign, other times you need dozens of photos or simply vectors to finish a project. We’re now introducing a new search filter just for illustrations.

Looking for illustrations? Try our new search filter

Clients turn to the Depositphotos library for quick solutions and trendy visuals. There are over 130 millions of files to choose from, and now your journey to finding the right content is smooth. Need artistic illustrations instead of photos or videos? We have you covered.

Perks of using the new illustrations filter

By launching the illustrations filter, located on the right from the search field, we wanted to make it easier to separate the different formats of visuals.

Forget about outdated stock photo cliches and opt for alternative ways of depicting an idea. You can use photos shot from unusual angles or a looped video. However, if you want to appeal to your target audience in an unexpected way, you can use illustrations drawn by professional artists and graphic designers.

Vectors vs illustrations

In the Depositphotos library, vectors are presented in an EPS format, and allows designers to adjust vectors to their own needs. Meanwhile, illustrations can also be submitted in JPEG format and are usually used in a more artistic way to illustrate an idea or topic.

Looking for illustrations Try our new search filter

Types of illustrations available on Depositphotos

Illustrations can be split into 2 categories – traditional and modern illustrations. Artists working with traditional illustrations relied on paper, paint, pencils, and pens to create works of art. The modern take on illustrations is using 2D and 3D software for the same goals but digitally. The good news is that our library has both.

  • Watercolor illustrations
  • Acrylics illustrations
  • Collage illustrations
  • Pen-and-ink illustrations
  • Freehand digital illustrations
  • Vector graphics/illustrations

To give you a clearer understanding, here’s an example of how you can use illustrations for your projects.

How to use illustrations for your projects

Let’s say you’re working on the email marketing campaign for Christmas but you don’t have much time left. You decide to play with associations and look for cozy Christmasy photos or videos. The quick search will provide you common concepts like a Christmas tree or a happy family, and they might be exactly what you’ve been looking for except for the fact that most of the brands will also go for them.

Looking for illustrations? Try our new search filter

If you have basic design knowledge, you can look for vectors. Having chosen a couple in the stylistics you need, you can create your own designs and make your emails look branded.

Looking for illustrations? Try our new search filter

In case you’ve already tried these ideas or have trouble finding a perfect photo for your project, you can look for thematic illustrations on Depositphotos. The search will provide you a range of atmospheric concepts but in hand-drawn stylistic or with illustrations made with different software such as Photoshop.

Looking for illustrations? Try our new search filter

At the moment, our library has over 117,000 Christmas-related illustrations which means that you’ll definitely find a special one for an upcoming project or campaign.

In general, the new illustrations filter is designed to provide even more creative freedom to our clients. Searching for illustrations with the new filter can give you more opportunities to visualize your ideas in a creative and artistic way.

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