Depositphotos review: AViiQ Portable Charging Station

We got our hands on a device called AViiQ Portable Charging Station and it’s obviously designed for people who travel A LOT. We do, and we were very excited to give it a test run because at some point in our lives we've all experienced the same sensation of utter terror we at Depositphotos call ‘juice failure’, when the battery symbol on our iPhones turns yellow just before the four hour flight. Besides, if you’re planning on making money with your mobile photographs, you’d better be prepared. And that’s where this smartly accessorized portable 5200mAh battery comes in.

Friday link roundup: 5 things to pay attention to this week end

No other photographer has covered as much ground for Vanity Fair as Jonas Fredwall Karlsson, one of the magazine’s go-to visual masterminds. For the last 13 years, together with photography producer Ron Beinner, he has captured faces of tragedy and glory, misfortune and fame, from Timbuktu (literally) to Ground Zero—all in his signature style. Just a few of his dozens and dozens of iconic portraits are gathered here.

Around the World in Eighty Days. Let’s get it started: London

Our contributors submit beautiful travel images from all over the world; thanks to these contributions, one can virtually visit many places even while staying at home. Inspired by the Travel section that we have on Depositphotos, we have decided to repeat the famous journey of  Phileas Fogg from Jules Verne's Around the World in Eighty Days. Our trip begins today, the starting point is London, and we invite you to join us.

London fashion | Stock Photo © Depositphotos | Michele Piacquadio

Create for the sake of Life

International Mother Earth Day. The goal of this holiday, which was proclaimed official by the United Nations General Assembly in 2009, is to make humanity pay attention to the vulnerability of the Earth’s ecosystem. The first Earth Day, a celebration of Mother Earth, took place in 1970, following the lead of the activist U.S. senator from Wisconsin, Gaylord Nelson. A group of students led by Harvard graduate student Dennis Hayes, despite the lack of funding to organize a mass event, helped alert the public to the problem of ecology.

Earth Day © Depositphotos | Lorelyn Medina

Ansel Adams’ classic book trilogy

“I hope that my work will encourage self expression in others and stimulate the search for beauty and creative excitement in the great world around us.” – these words became Ansel Adams' credo, best known for his black-and-white photographs of the American West. He is the author of famous trilogy prints, “The Camera”, “The Negative” and “The Print”. Moreover, he is also famous for his Zone System that helps photographers to determine proper exposure and adjust the contrast of the final print. Ansel Adams was the co-founders of the Group f/64 that specialized on sharp-focused and carefully framed images.

Happy Birthday to National Geographic Society!

Today is the 122th Birthday of the National Geographic Society, one of the largest non-profit educational and scientific institutions in the world. It has been inspiring people to care about the planet since 1888. Its interests include geography, archeology and natural science, the promotion of environmental and historical conservation.

The history of T.G.I.F

What can the world’s famous restaurant chain and a movie about a disco of the late 70s share in common?  The day of the week! The T.G.I. Friday’s restaurants and the “Thank God It’s Friday” movie has made the T.G.I.F expression extremely popular. T.G.I.F stands for “Thank Goodness It’s Friday” or “Thank God It’s Friday. In the middle of 1960s the T.G.I.F expression became a common expression of relief at the end of the work week and anticipation of relaxing or partying over the weekend.  It was popularized by the restaurant T.G.I. Friday’s in 1965, but only at the end of 1970s after the release of “Thank God It’s Friday” the phrase became even more popular.

Movies about photography

If you are related to photoart, surely, it would be interesting for you to watch some of these movies.  We’ll start from old movies and then we’ll go back to nowadays masterpieces. The first well-known movie about photography is “Rear window” directed by Alfred Hitchcock. In this movie the main character is a photographer who suddenly becomes a witness of a murder. Since 1954 this movie has got many awards and turned to a legendary masterpiece in cinematographic culture.