2019 was a big year for Depositphotos. We celebrated our 10th anniversary, the number of talented contributors at Depositphotos exceeded 100,000, and our library grew to over 145 million files. What’s even more exciting, we released our yearly report on Visual Trends 2020 in collaboration with the world’s leading creative agencies such as B-Reel, BBDO Warsaw, MediaMonks, Perq Studio, Super an der Spree, and others. 

Today, we’d like to share an extension of the visual trends project created in the spirit of fun – futuristic Instagram face filters by Depositphotos. These four filters with futuristic vibes embody the vibes of our visual trends and are a great addition to your personal favorite ones on Instagram. 

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The story behind Instagram face filters from Visual Trends 2020

Face filter #1 – The World of Tomorrow

The main topic of the new decade will undoubtedly be Extended Reality (XR). Due to Facebook Horizon and the latest features of Oculus Quest, VR is likely going to become an integral part of our everyday lives. Our leisure time and educational experiences will be influenced by the updates with XR of the latest tech. 

Even the way we communicate on both professional and personal levels change in light of  AR possibilities. Get immersed into the augmented environment at work, at home, and anywhere else using our face filter “The World of Tomorrow”. 

Instagram Face Filter by Depositphotos

Face filter #2 – Neon Dystopia

Cyberpunk 2077 has not been released yet but neon lights and dystopian vibes have already spread far beyond the digital realm. In particular, fashion, design, and art are getting influenced by the cyberpunk aesthetic. Industry professionals use it to translate deeper meanings about the life of our modern society that sometimes resembles episodes from Black Mirror or Stranger Things.

Go back to the future with our face filter “Neon Dystopia” – a facial recognition mask with a neon halo over your head. 

Futuristic Instagram Face Filters

Face filter #3 – Brutalism and digital decay

Although the roots of Brutalism lie in architecture, today the concept and recently popularized style have seeped into both web and graphic design. The choice of a Brutalist aesthetic urges designers and viewers to break well-established rules in design and challenges them to rethink over-polished compositions. 

Step outside your comfort zone with our brutalist face filler that includes optical distortion and glitches. 

Futuristic Instagram Face Filters by Depositphotos

Face filter #4 – Organic motion graphics

In juxtaposition to the futuristic cyberpunk aesthetic are fluid shapes and soothing movements that gather inspiration from organic forms and nature. The trend focuses on 3D animation of new elements that interact with gravity. The result is hypnotizing and mysterious animation that attracts the eye. 

Captivate your Instagram audience with smooth animation using our “Organic motion graphics” face filter. 

Futuristic Instagram Face Filters


How to use Instagram face filters

If you’re not familiar with face filters yet, here’s a brief guide on how to add them to your Instagram account and start using them.

How to add them to your Instagram account

1. Open this article from your smartphone or tablet if you’re reading from the desktop. The filters are only applicable to Instagram Stories and you should be on your mobile device to shoot a Story with the filter.  

2. Click on the button “Try face filters” below. You’ll be transferred to a web page that gives a preview of the face filter and suggests to open it in the app directly.

3. Click “Open in Instagram” and you’ll get to the page with our face filters. They are 4 in 1 and by adding them to your account you’ll be able to use all of them.

4. Click “Save to camera” and you’ll have it at hand every time you’d like to use our filer when shooting Instagram Stories. 

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Extra tip: Because our filters are 4 in 1, you can switch between them by simply tapping on the screen. 

Enjoy our futuristic Instagram face filters and subscribe to our Instagram account to stay on top of the latest trends. There’s more to come!

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