Summer is a period of vacations and holidays. Lazy relaxation, dead phones, no internet and not a single thought about work. Morning coffee to the sound of the surf, gentle morning sun and children’s laughter. Lots of friends around you, beach volleyball, cold cocktails and hot nights. Empty city streets, quiet school corridors, sporadically attended offices…. Did this start you thinking? Us, too. If your vacation hasn’t started yet, there’s still time to save for it. We’ve prepared a few pleasant summer surprises for you. Continue reading this post to check them out!

Island in the Ocean. Paradise! © Depositphotos

Island in the Ocean. Paradise! © Depositphotos | DoctorKan 

First of all, we have put together a collection of the photographs of the most exciting vacation spots in our “Summer Travel” Board on Pinterest. The beauty of the places our photographers have captured will engage your imagination for sure.

On our official Facebook page, you will have an opportunity to participate in a contest rewarding the best Summer Images. The winner will get a free subscription for stock images at Depositphotos, to use at his/her discretion.

And finally, our major surprise for summer vacations and holidays – a lightbox dedicated to summer travel, and all images automatically ring up at a 20% discount. You will find great illustrations, vector images and photos from our authors in it.

Travel by plane © Depositphotos

Travel by plane © Depositphotos | Michele Piacquadio

Happy family on vacation © Depositphotos

Happy family on vacation © Depositphotos | Andres Rodriguez 

Cruise ship. © Depositphotos

Cruise ship. © Depositphotos | Oleksandr Nebrat

Grand Canal © Depositphotos

Grand Canal © Depositphotos | sailorr

Sydney Harbour, Australia © Depositphotos

Sydney Harbour, Australia © Depositphotos | Дмитрий Пичугин 

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