One of the biggest challenges every designer faces is really choosing one hue of color amongst dozens of variations. If you think about it, freedom of choice may give you a headache. Now imagine having to pair different colors and hues!

If we take it a step further, there are so many design elements to consider, going from shapes and textures to typography and scale. Depending on how a designer will apply the rule of visual hierarchy or use value to add depth and light, the audience will have a positive response, or they may also not.

Let’s get back to color choice because a lot rests on it. Experimenting with shades and tones from our neon color palettes, you can liven up your designs with trendy solutions and thus, appeal to a very broad audience because neon is quite trendy right now.

We have also included a hex code to every color of a palette so you could quickly pick up the exact shade you need. We hope to make the process of selecting that perfect color just a bit easier for you.


20 neon color palettes for trendy designs

carousel at night

glass with ice

girl in paint

photo of flowers

colorful balloons

shoulder of girl

rainbow lighting

nature and science

pinapple glowing

glowing blue foil

man partying in spacesuit

cyberpunk neon colors

abandoned plane

jellyfish in dark sea

neon color palette

bright jellyfish

colored palm leaves

neon door sign

sunset and mountains

neon laser lights

To find even more unconventional color choices, feel free to match warm and cool hues from these neon color palettes. They will help you speak to the audience looking for something original and bold, as well as catch the eye of those who are fond of muted shades and soothing designs.

If you seek more inspiration, delve into the history of neon signs and colors, check out hundreds of neon illustrations in the Depositphotos library, and explore our thematic photo collection.

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