When a brand inspires, awards tend to follow! The Depositphotos team, together with CREVV agency, won the 2022 Red Dot Award: Brands & Communication Design for the “Creative Trends 2022: Merging the future and the past” project.

Every year, thousands of contenders from all over the world compete for the Red Dot as one of the most prestigious awards in the design world. In 2022, the independent professional jury recognized the project by Depositphotos and CREVV agency as the best among thousands of others in the Websites category. We’ve worked hard, so It’s a great honor for us to receive such a prestigious award and see our efforts appreciated by the jury.

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Creative Trends Project

The Creative Trends is an annual project that aims to guide creatives through valuable insights and ideas that are changing the world. We want to help our community by sharing the most relevant information, so that they can keep up with innovations and create appealing content.

Every year, we analyze the most impactful events and stats, and narrow them down to 8 key trends. Each trend is accompanied by thematic collections of content that can be used by designers, photographers, marketers, and all content creators in their future projects. Appreciating experience and expertise, we invite creative professionals in marketing, design, content creation, and music to share their future visions for upcoming transformations. Discover more about 2022 Creative Trends in our project guide.

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“The design concept of Creative Trends 2022 was born with the name — ‘Merging the future and the past.’ The project page gives an intuitive feel of how innovative trends and visual techniques of the past are harmoniously combined.

The design concept is based on an allusion to the “desktop” of our memory, in which files for each trend are located—an intellectual selection of opinions, analytics, and visual material.

We wanted to emphasize the identity of each trend by giving it a specific color formula. With the help of color, we conveyed the emotion each trend works with. In the animation, we resorted to an “immersion” effect.”

—Tati Timoshenko, Creative Director, Depositphotos

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About the Red Dot Award

The Red Dot Design Award is an international design and communication prize awarded yearly since 1955 by the Design Zentrum Nordrhein Westfalen in Essen, Germany. For over half a century, the Red Dot has been the most sought-after award for exceptional design. To assess the diversity of design projects, the jury evaluate them in three disciplines:

  • Red Dot Award: Product Design
  • Red Dot Award: Brands & Communication Design
  • Red Dot Award: Design Concept

The award is wanted not only for its prestige in the design community, but also for strengthening a brand’s image, credibility, and positioning. Additionally, the Red Dot badge is also valued by consumers, influencing their purchase behavior. That’s why it’s highly competitive, with more than 20,000 submissions yearly. We are happy to receive the Red Dot among other well-renowned brands and market leaders, such as Lenovo, LG, PepsiCo, HP, and many more.

This year, the international jury of 48 design professionals individually assessed each project and brand that entered. For the Depositphotos team and CREVV agency, the Red Dot Award is a recognition of our performance and achievements. We aim to continue to support and inspire creatives from around the world!


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