For our blog readers: Images for as low as $0.80
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For our blog readers: Images for as low as $0.80
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For the second time, Arseny Vesnin — founder and digital curator of Designcollector Network, baked by the OFFF Festival sets up the creative competition and together with Depositphotos delivers an exhibition in Saint Petersburg during “OFFF on Tour” debut festival in Russia. The exhibition was the result of the contest that invited artists to reflect on the near-future topics like Artificial Intellect, Cyber Landscapes and Human Being. The prominent jury board selected 15 artworks from 50 submissions to represent the “Digital Decade” during OFFF SPB event. During the event, visitors were able to immerse into the electronic arts by entering our exposition through Virtual Reality supported by Indee Interactive. We are excited to introduce the professionals who have kindly agree to be the jury members of Digital Decade II.

Depositphotos microstock agency launched a new version of its website

The Depositphotos website was redesigned, its search functionality was updated, and several other improvements were introduced. New York, USA, April 29, 2014 — Depositphotos, the fastest-growing microstock agency in the world, has received several major updates. Now it has a more concise and modern design, and the website's user interface is simpler and even more convenient.

The Perennial Plate о том, как повару и рекламисту удалось создать успешный видеопроект

В 2010 году шеф-повар Дэниэл Клейн и рекламщик Мирра Файн уволились с работы и создали проект The Perennial Plate. Без особых знаний кинопроизводства они стали снимать документальные короткометражки о еде – сначала в родной Америке, а после расширили географию съёмок до разных уголков мира. О своих передвижениях и приключениях видеографы регулярно рассказывают на своём сайте, там же делятся рецептами блюд и еженедельно выкладывают новые эпизоды. За четыре года Дэниэл и Мирра отсняли 137 историй в Италии, Турции, Вьетнаме, Морокко, Мексике, Испании, Северной и Южной Америке. В феврале эпизоды The Perennial Plate взяли «кулинарный Оскар» – награду фонда Джеймса Бирда в номинации «Видеопроекты и нью медиа». Дэниел и Мирра рассказали Bird in Flight, как им удалось переквалифицироваться в видеографов, бросить работу и отыскать деньги на развитие собственного амбициозного проекта.

Maidan Through Photos: Dmitry Stoykov

Today in the series ‘Maidan Through Photos’, devoted to the work of photojournalists, we introduce Dmitry Stoykov, an independent photojournalist and videographer. At the moment he is working with the team of reporters creating video reports for (Germany):

«Yesterday, when the hawks left for Instytuska from Shelkovychna Street, where the protesters were located, journalists organized an improvised press box at the unglazed balcony above the ground floor. Until the clashes started, it really seemed to be a perfect spot for shooting video. I was there with two other photographers. The activists started throwing cocktail bombs at the policemen, who answered with bombshells. Since not all the throws were well-directed, some of the cocktails and bombshells made it into our balcony. We had to step back inside the building — we broke the glass and entered someone’s office. Of course it was illegal, but it helped save our lives. If we jumped down to the street, we would have found ourselves in the crossfire.

Maidan through Photos: Maxim Kudimets, Insider

In our series  'Maidan through Photos’,' the photojournalists covering the events in Kyiv share their best photographs and reveal how to stay safe while in the epicenter of the clashes.

Maxim Kudimets, photojournalist of the Insider.

I was photographing the events of February 18 for 24 hours. I witnessed the clashes between the protesters and the riot police at the crossing of Shelkovychna and Instytuska Streets, and saw how the office of the Party of Regions was occupied. «There were several pretty dangerous moments. And I don't even mean bombshells exploding under my feet -- basically, everyone experienced that all day. I had a conflict situation with the law enforcement officers. When the riot police won back the office of the Party of Regions, which happened around 2:00 pm, I was photographing right from the Berkuts side (note: Berkut -- Ukrainian riot police) at Shelkovychna street.  I saw a man in civilian clothes distributing ammunition among them, and started taking pictures of the situation. Right away, I was approached by another man, wearing civilian clothes as well, but unlike the first one he was holding a walkie-talkie. He grabbed my camera and demanded I delete my shots, otherwise he would break the camera and beat me as well. There was nothing I could do but delete them».

Depositphotos launches a free extension for Adobe products

Fort Lauderdale, Florida, USA, December 5, 2013 – Depositphotos, the fastest growing microstock agency in the world, launched a free extension for working with its multimillion-image library from within the programs of Adobe Creative Suite and Adobe Creative Cloud.


  The extension allows users to search through more than 19 million stock files available in the Depositphotos collection, easily preview potential images within your current projects before purchasing them, then track and store all the purchases in a single place.  The Depositphotos extension for Adobe Photoshop, InDesign and Illustrator is free of charge. You can download it at the Depositphotos website or on the Adobe Marketplace.

Friday link roundup: 5 things to read about this week end

There's immersion journalism, and then there's what photographer Meg Roussos did. For Roussos, now 22, the adventure began her freshman year of college at Ohio University in Athens. The photographer-in-training was shooting a project when she overheard a woman saying she had to pick up her daughter at her friend's school bus.

The Welch family having meaningful fun on their bus | Photo © Meg Roussos |

Top 5 Android photo apps that will help you succeed on Clashot

We probably don’t need to tell you that one smartphone feature that has undergone rapid advancement over the last couple of years and continues to greatly improve with each generation is image sensing. High end and even mid-range smartphones are now equipped with much more efficient and adept sensors, optics and software, which directly translates to pictures that can and do rival many entry level point-and-shoot cameras. Mobilography is now becoming less of a hobby and more of an honest toil providing a viable supplemental income to those who know how to get the most out of their hardware. Suffice it to say, smartphone cameras are only getting better, but the camera software on our phones doesn’t always complement the all too capable hardware. Maybe the software optimization is poor or some important features are lacking or missing altogether... Fortunately, there are quite a few third party apps out there that can supercharge your phone’s camera and help you make some money on Clashot.   Camera ZOOM FX has been around for years and for the majority of that time it has been preinstalled on many of the numerous devices we've had our hands on. It recently received a massive overhaul and in the process became much more user friendly. But the same features that make Camera ZOOM so great are still there: dozens of effects and most add-ons you can download from Google play. There are several shooting modes such as burst, timer, stable shot, time laps or collage. On the outside Camera ZOOM effects are easy to use and quick but for those who want to break out the filters, effects and other goodies this app is packed to the brim. It’s $2.99 at the Google play and the add-ons are free.

Camera ZOOM FX interface | Photo © Google play

Clashot receives the prestigious Best agency Mobile app Award!

So, Microstock Expo 2013, eh? In one word – amazing. Exhausting, but truly amazing. The team has made it through with flying colors, lots of old friends, lots of new friendships, countless bytes of new info and of course, the Best agency Mobile app Awards for Clashot. This level of recognition means not just being planted firmly on the mobile photography applications map. It means that the future of mobile photography is now impossible without Clashot – plain and simple. Naturally, congratulations to us all but we don’t intend to rest on our laurels for too long. The team is rolling up the sleeves and getting back to work – it is Monday, after all. Cheers!  

Left to right: Maria Gordienko (Depositphotos, Sales manager), Elena Flanagan-Eister (Depositphotos, CEO) and Vadim Nekhai (Depositphotos, CMO)

Top 5 things, locations and people to pay attention to this week end

There's nothing more satisfying than a delicious sandwich. In honor of National Sandwich Day on November 3, we decided to round up the best sammie from every state, be it a beloved local delicacy or part of the state's history. From a classic grilled cheese to something called a "horseshoe," these are the 50 most famous sandwiches across America.

America's favorite sandwiches | Stock Photo © Business insider | Megan Willet

8 stunning HDR processed images by our contributor Felix Pergande and a point to discuss

What is the appeal of HDR processing? Perhaps, the answer is hidden in the abbreviation itself. The ability and desire to take Higher Dynamic Range images is something that has been with us for a long time (in 1850 legendary Gustave Le Gray managed to render a seascape via two different negatives, where both – bright sky and dark sea – were showing the same intensity level). And yet, we still feel uneasy about it. HDR is widely considered by some a cheat of some sort or an attempt to exaggerate the importance of a depicted subject. Others are perfectly content with altering whatever comes out of their cameras to the point of complete and utter incognizance – with help of HDR processing, of course, and in many cases the final result is stunningly beautiful. There’s one thing, in our opinion, that’s beyond a shadow of a doubt: HDR processed imagery is a genre of photography and an art form whose heyday is now. To prove our point we've selected just a tiny few out many great HDR processed images by our contributor Felix Pergande (unkreatives) and, although the series of abandoned buildings is pretty grim, the conclusion it affirms – our conclusion – is very life-asserting. Enjoy and feel free to write us at if you agree or think we're full of it or.

 Staircases in an abandoned complex | Stock Photo © Depositphotos | Felix Pergande

5 gorgeous things, people and destinations to pay attention to this week end

Living in a concrete box with hot water pouring from the tap, a refrigerator cooling our food and wi-fi connecting us to the rest of the world, we can barely imagine a day in a life of, say, Tsaatan people. They move 5 to 10 times per year, building huts when the temperature is -40 and herding reindeer for transportation, clothing and food. “Before They Pass Away,” a long-term project by photographer Jimmy Nelson, gives us the unique opportunity to discover more than 30 secluded and slowly vanishing tribes from all over the world.

 Before They Pass Away | Photo © Jimmy Nelson |

Camera phone vs. DSLR: will one ever replace the other?

Camera phones are getting smarter every day; more pixels are being stuffed into smaller packages and the question whether or not camera phones will ever replace DSLR burns more and more. Indeed, why tote around a truck load of equipment when there are some camera phone manufacturers offering truly astonishing pixel for dollar punch?

Digital camera text clouds | Stock Photo © Depositphotos | saidin

Well, pixels aren't everything. The king here is image sensor and that notion alone should put your doubts to rest: the DSLR is here to stay. And even though it’s obvious that image sensors in camera phones will keep getting more sophisticated in time, they are most likely going to be unable to circumvent the laws of physics. Let us explain what we mean. Fair warning: even in laymen’s terms it’s going to get fairly technical, so bear with us for a few moments.

Clashot from Depositphotos – a new-generation mobile photobank for iOS and Android

Several months ago we launched a beta version of our iOS application Clashot, which allows users to publish and sell mobile photos. The results of this trial period are quite impressive: we received hundreds of thousands of outstanding photographs from our users. In addition, we got a lot of feedback and many suggestions from Depositphotos contributors. Our team has been doing its best to make it easier for you to sell your photos and increase your income, and now we’ve got some great news we’d like to share! Today we are proud to introduce not just an updated version of the application, but a totally new photobank for a new generation. Download Clashot to become one of the innovators of the stock industry!

—  We’ve significantly improved the application interface: now it’s simple and more logical.

—  We optimized the application speed. Now you can upload you photos to the Clashot website even faster!

—  The new Clashot is now available for Android users! Feel free to download it at Google Play. Invite your Android-using friends to Clashot!

—  Clashot customers can now buy images right in the application, adding the files they need to their shopping cart, and completing the order from their mobile device.

—  We are about to launch our innovative encouragement program for Clashot photographers. Now only will you be able to receive “Likes” from other authors, but you can even receive money: “Likes” from Clashot Experts have real cash value!

—  We’ll choose the best authors to become Clashot Experts: follow our news and notifications in the message center.

—  Besides, not only can you withdraw funds earned by selling your photos and receiving “Likes,” but you can also use those funds to pay for a number of services. Follow the updates!

Shooting with Nokia Lumia 1020: the all-in-one solution for a mobile photographer

So, you're one of the lucky owners of Nokia Lumia 1020. We know, it's kinda bulky and the lens module is sticking out like a camel's hump but holy crap, what a camera! Even though iPhone has pulled up its pants lately with the 5S, the mighty 41 MP sensor on the 1020 and a host of customizable settings, which will make your head spin, just makes the Nokia cam superior in every sense. In other words, if it's not just fiddling around you want with your camera phone, if you want the photo industry professionals to raise a brow in appreciation of your mobile shots, and most of all, if you want to be able to make money selling them, you need the best tech at your disposal and you need to know how to use it. And Nokia Lumia 1020 is definitely it. Don't worry, we'll help you sort it out.