For our blog readers: Images for as low as $0.80
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For our blog readers: Images for as low as $0.80
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YouTube vs. Vimeo: the pros and cons of the two best video services

In just eight short years YouTube has grown from an experimental video platform to an international mega community with hundreds of millions of contributors putting up videos of various quality and appeal every second. Vimeo, however, is much younger and smaller but it seems a lot more circumspect when selecting videos for display, giving its users a better frame to panache ratio. So, is it really a fair question to ask, which one is better?

Top 5 mobile photo editing apps on the market right now

In the beginning there were phones and cameras. We used phones for phone calling and cameras for camera photography. And then it came to pass that in the year 2000 the first camera-phone was sold in Japan, the J-phone. That’s when mobilography entered our lives and it doesn't seem to be planning on exiting any time soon. But once the euphoria from the ability to take pictures with phones began to dissipate, we've noticed that pictures come out from phones kind of… wrong. Not bright enough, not sharp enough. Eventually, folks have figured out how to deal with that, too. Enters the mobile photo editing software. In seven or so years in its existence, there have been probably hundreds, if not thousands, of different apps allowing user to alter mobile photographs as he or she saw fit. And now there's one that's actually quite different. It’s called Clashot (available free on the AppStore and on Google Play) and it serves as a mobile platform, rather than just an editing app. It allows you and your friends upload, like, comment share and sell (sic!) your mobile photos via Depositphotos. So, we figure, every now and again different editing apps pop up on the market, why not tell you about the ones that will definitely help you make your mobile photos stand out, so that they are not only getting likes and comments, but also supplement your income. Right now there are 5 mobile photo editing apps that we think you should stick with.

Stock photo in web design: do’s and don’ts

Well, there are two things, mostly. Number one is stock photography tends to get overused – a lot. We are sure, 95% of you all out there will agree to that. Whenever you see a really nice photo on the web or on big board, chances are there’s a million of other websites use that same photo of a business women in tight pant suit wearing glasses and pointing at something. So, how do we deal with that?

Depositphotos hands-on review: PENTAX K-3

Pentax overhauls the K-5 II successor inside and out. It’s got a new anti-aliasing filter, 24mp sensor, a new body design , a new 27 point AF system and a new 86000 pixel RGB metering system. There’s also improved performance with continues shooting increasing up to 8.5 fps. The new auto focus system unfortunately doesn’t have any LiveView optimizations, though Pentax says that 5 of the AF sensors are specifically for low light. Indeed, the model we were able to finagle from Pentax, was able to lock focus in some pretty dim conditions.

5 Things to see and read about over the weekend

  Hopefully you’re not too busy getting ready for the winter this weekend. Take a load off pour yourselfa cup of coffee and spend some time reading about what’s new and exciting going on around the world. We’ll talk about it on Monday. See ya!

Today’s Guru Talk: Using Automobile Headlights as Light Sources

Anyone who has ever held a camera has, at some point either used or thought of using headlights as lighting equipment: they are fairly bright, they’re relatively soft and warm and they are there – cars are ubiquitous. Needless to say, some of the best-known names in the business have used them (not exclusively, of course) as backup, fill, and sometimes even as a main light source. I know I have! So, what’s the deal?

The Rumble Continues: CANON 70D VS. NIKON D7100

  Over the last few months, whenever people ask us to recommend a decent DSLR for action photography (sports, wildlife, etc.), we would instantly recommend the NIKON D7100. It’s listed at about $1200, and it features a 24 mpx sensor and 51 focusing squares (15 of which are cross-type), it shoots at an acceptable 6 fps, and the image quality in terms of dynamic range and color is simply superb. For the money, you probably couldn't find anything better or more reliable – and it’s also very sharp when shooting video.

Depositphotos presents “THE DIGITAL DECADE” competition winners: Xavier Bourdil (France)

It’s often the simplest idea that yields the best results. Arseny Vesnin, founder of the Designcollector – one of the best-respected web resource dedicated to design –knows it full well: three months ago his brainchild passed its ten-year milestone and, Vesnin thought, what better way to pause and marvel at a great achievement then to invite a bunch of graphic designers to take over the anniversary issue of the Designcollector’s print cousin, DCMAG magazine, and make a contest out of it? The celebratory DCMAG Issue#3 was supposed to feature all of the contest’s future participants and the first four were to be awarded some seriously cool prizes. Simple idea, and yet what a creative fiesta it turned out to be!

Lunch Time Reading: Our Top 5 Picks Off The Web For You!

It can be exhausting – sifting through the Web, searching for something to both entertain and educate oneself. Well, we've decided to help and cherry picked for you a few examples of what in our view could make a great lunch time reading. Watch videos, look at pictures, read articles and let’s have something to talk about later!

Search Word Of The Day: MIRACLE. 5 Portfolios That Came Up

It’s no secret that every once in a while things just pop into our head for no apparent reason. Sometimes people in art departments wait precisely for that – for a word, for a sign, for some kind of jolt of energy to push them in the right direction. After all, any creative knows what “The Block” means, and that the block may be unblocked anytime by something absolutely unexpected and highly unusual.

Depositphotos’ contributors now can receive payments through Payoneer

Depositphotos is glad to announce that from now on the agency’s contributors are able to receive payments through the global payment system Payoneer. To celebrate the start of our collaboration with Payoneer, we'd like to announce that all contributors can activate a Payoneer Prepaid MasterCard® card free of charge, and also withdraw funds with no transfer fee (for those who choose the bank transfer payout option), through July 24, 2013.

Please note! This promotion is extended through July 24, 2013

Depositphotos hits 1 million customers and celebrates 15 million images in its library

Having reached two milestones, Depositphotos offers 15 million crowdsourced royalty-free files to over 1 million customers worldwide. New York, NY, June 3, 2013 — Depositphotos, the fastest-growing microstock agency in the world, announced it has reached a milestone 1 million customers, and has amassed 15 million royalty-free photographs, vector images and video files in its library. Founded in 2009, Depositphotos met its first significant milestone of 5 million files in December 2011. Adding over 150,000 new files weekly, it proceeded to triple the size of its collection by June 2013. Moreover, the client base of the agency recently exceeded 1 million customers from 192 countries.

Depositphotos’ Week of Newcomers: Six new faces in our library

It’s been a week since we started our Week of Newcomers, a daily tour of new names in our community that is growing rapidly thanks to our dynamic content strategy. What do a famous Russian travel blogger and a U.S. pro stock photographer have in common? Why does the Polish national cuisine look so tasty, and who would appear the first in a search for a portrait photographer in Warsaw or a cartoonist in Barcelona? The list below contains the answers!

Sean Locke

Bright, emotional and juicy stock photos by Sean Locke could make every product shine, from recognizable prints to successful business websites. “Real people. Useful objects. Greate themes. Interesting composition. They all help to tell your story, to sell your product,” promises Sean in his blog

Fans: Fan Watching Game But Listening to Others | Stock Photo © Depositphotos | Sean Locke

The Winners of the Digital Decade Contest

Depositphotos' and Designcollector Network's joint contest is over! Today we are happy to announce the best of the best: the top three winners of the competition and the winner of the Depositphotos' Choice Award. According to the premise of the contest, 30 shortlisted artists were invited to use images from Depositphotos' library to produce works of graphic art on the topic "The Digital Decade.". We received many entries, and the contest jury selected the top 15 artworks to be exhibited at the OFFF Festival 2013 in Barcelona. We are proud to introduce 15 works that got the majority of votes as well as the winners of our contest.

Dines (UK)

Filipp Ryabchikov (Russia)

Frukta Alexey (Russia)

Giga Kobidze (Georgia)

Markus J. Baier (Germany)

Nicolas Monin-Baroille (Germany)

Pokras Lampas (Russia)

Sergey Skip (Russia)

Sebastian Andaur (Chile)

Sorin Bechira (Romania)

Tomas Toleikis (UK)

Vladimir Tomin (Russia)

Wojciech Zalot (Poland)

Xavier Bourdil (France)

Zakharia Mesropov (Georgia)


Award Winners

And the Grand Prize goes to...