For our blog readers: Images for as low as $0.80
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For our blog readers: Images for as low as $0.80
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5 Tips on Shooting Successful Stock Videos

You can’t go wrong with stock footage. One of the reasons you’ll find success in this sector is because video is becoming an increasingly popular medium. Syndacast has predicted that this year, 74% of all internet traffic will be video content. What can we make of this information? You’ve got to catch up with this glorious trend and get your foot in the door!

10 Things They Didn’t Tell You About Becoming a Photographer

So you’ve decided to become a photographer. There are some things about the profession that you probably haven’t read in books or online. There is much more to being a photographer than snapping pictures and owning a studio. Here are some things no one has probably told you about becoming a photographer.  

Guest Blog Post: How to Create Your Own Portfolio Website

Photographers are chosen based on their portfolios which is why it’s so important to make an excellent first impression. Modern tools allow one to not only publish photographs but also build a story around them. A great website can help clients decide whether you’re a professional and choose you from a pool of amateurs.

How to Start Shooting and Selling Stock Videos

Whether you’ve already tried your hand at shooting stock videos or you’re just starting out, it’s good to polish up on some basics. Learn the basic camera techniques to help you get started in shooting stock videos and keep up with the latest trends to help you determine what to shoot. At the end of the day, you should really concentrated on how to make a good stock video and we're here to help.

The Psychology of Color in Film [Infographic]

Have you ever watched a film and felt drawn into it right away? Often times, you subconsciously react to scenes based on the colors alone. Colors in film are used to evoke emotions and even the slightest change in hues can alter the way the audience responds to the scenes. Knowing which colors to use when can make all the difference to your projects.

Depositphotos and Joomag to Partner Up, Integrating 40 Million Images with Premier Digital Publishing Service

With 300,000 publishers using its interactive platform, Joomag - a leading digital publishing service - announced today that it has teamed up with Depositphotos. With a rich library featuring over 40 million images, Depositphotos has been added to Joomag’s digital arsenal to provide publishers the means to integrate high-quality photos into their magazines. 

Bird in Flight на выставке World Press Photo в Украине

World Press Photo проводит крупнейшую и самую престижную ежегодную премию в области фотожурналистики c 1955 года. Впервые в истории конкурса Украина принимает выставку в самом начале мирового турне, сразу после её презентации в Голландии — стране-организаторе.

Depositphotos примет участие в Российском Интернет Форуме

Друзья, мы с радостью приглашаем вас встретиться с Depositphotos на одной из наиболее известных конференций в России. С 22 по 24 апреля 2015 года компания Depositphotos примет участие в главном весеннем мероприятии Рунета – конференции «РИФ+КИБ 2015».

Corporate Accounts for Teams: new level of photobank experience

Built for businesses, Corporate Accounts for teams gives you a simple tools for creating sub-accounts; managing their balance and access; and better ways to work together. Administrator gets full control on team access and allocation of credits and downloads between sub-accounts. Get all these benefits — plus optimize your license management and procurement budget with our brand new features.

Favorites: The ultimate solution for content management

Discover Favorites – designed to maximize your photobank efficiency. The new Favorites feature, which replaces the former Lightboxes, was based on computer file folders: this intuitive structure provides a familiar user interface, and meets all your content management needs. We hope you enjoy these new features: 1. Elegant design