A world where global problems are solved will be the main subject of the Digital Decade 2016 contest: topics include climate change, war, racial discrimination, unemployment, gender bias, crime, and disease, among others. Digital artworks will be judged by an international jury, and the best works will be part of an exhibition in London this summer.

The Digital Decade contest is run by Designcollector, and is supported by Depositphotos and Curioos, a curated marketplace for digital artists.

Anyone is invited to enter the contest, and some well-known names have already joined the game: Louise Mertens, Evgeny Solovyov, Philip Khodas, Giacomo Carmagnola and 20+ others. Just go to to register by April 30, and be ready to submit your artwork by 30 May. Artists are invited to submit a poster measuring 100×150 cm (40”x60”).

Contest brief: “There is no Planet B”

We live in the age of ecological downshift as a matter of economical and political crisis on the Earthhe only planet we have that we must not take for granted. There is No Planet B. The idea is to bring attention to the problems our planet is currently facing—economic, environmental, political—and what our world would look like without them.  We’d like you to create artwork for the expo that portrays a major issue as either solved by humans or no longer exisitent. You can think of “Imagine there’s no… ,” as you approach this project.

Matt Volato, Founder and CEO of Curioos:

Artworks speak louder than words. Imagine a world with no social inequality. Imagine a world without environmental destruction. Imagine a world without war. If we can IMAGINE it, we can CREATE it.

Arseny Vesnin, founder of Designcollector magazine:

We started doing Digital Decade to unleash the new creative power by revealing new artists’ names and accepting new challenges in digital and new media art.

Samuel Carter Mensah, founder of Youth Worldwide, a global creative outfit that celebrates design in all forms:

Digital Decade exhibits the need for creative challenges that rarely take place. Teaming up with designers and creatives from all over the world to tackle a unique brief, and physically showcasing the results in an exhibition, is always exciting.


Digital Decade supported by Depositphotos was first run by Designcollector in 2013 to mark the 10th anniversary of the Designcollector print magazine. Following its success and spurred on by the appreciation of the designer community, the contest has become an annual event. This year, Digital Decade will reach beyond continental Europe for the first time, to hold the primary show in London, with exhibitions in New York and Kiev to follow.

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