Winners of the 2017 International Photographer of the Year are announced, rounding up another successful and fierce competition. Sarah Blesener took the title of International Photographer of the Year with her project “Beckon Us From Home”. Another notable mention is Jan Janssen with his project “Proud for one second” which made him International Discovery of the Year.

International Photographer of the Year is split into professional and amateur categories, with subcategories for different themes and topics. This year was an outstanding collection exhibited in a diverse gallery of talent, demonstrating skill and different points of view in a variety of styles. The competition is a wide-reaching one, and we’re showcasing a glimpse of the whole competition, focusing on first place winners from the professional category.

International Photographer of the Year 2017

Sarah Blesener,  Beckon Us From Home

Sarah Blesener captured the events and people attending the “Patriot Cmap”, which focuses on patriotic education. Thousands of young individuals across the United States are attending similar camps and programs. This gives the youth a sense of purpose, something that ties them together and this is part of the story Sarah Blesener uncovers.


International Discovery of the Year 2017

Jan Janssen, Proud for one second

A heartbreaking story of the Batawa and their displacement has been relevant for the past 20 years. The mountain gorillas are threatened with extinction. The government has taken no action in helping them, and the Batawa remain among the poorest people. Education and healthcare is scarce, and many families are abandoned and left where they are. Jan Janssen photographs the pygmies, asking them to feel proud for one second.


Professional Category Architecture

International Architectural Photographer of the Year 2017

Florian W. Mueller, Singularity


Architecture: Bridges, 1st Place – Ahmed Thabet, Heart of steel


Architecture: Cityscapes, 1st Place – FeiFan Zhang, No Man’s Land


Architecture: Interior, 1st Place – A. Tamboly, Curvilinear 


Professional Category Editorial

International Editorial Photographer of the Year 2017

Sarah Blesener, Beckon Us From Home


Editorial: Daily life, 1st place winner – Oded Wagenstein, The void we leave


Editorial: Documentary, 1st place winner – David Denil, Let US Not Fall Asleep While Walking (2017)


Editorial: Environmental, 1st place winner – Pierpaolo Mittica, Karabash, the dirty blood of the Earth


Editorial: Photo Essay/Story, 1st place winner – Sarah Blesener, Beckon Us From Home


Editorial: Sports, 1st place winner – Annick Donkers, Lucha Libre Extrema


Professional Category Fine Art

International Fine Art Photographer of the Year 2017

Stefano Gardel, Neon Desert


Fine Art: Abstract, 1st place winner – Davide Esposito, Sogno di un’ombra


Fine Art: Conceptual, 1st place winner – Marta Kochanek, Lovyer


Fine Art: Landscapes, 1st place winner – Stefano Gardel, Neon Desert


Fine Art: Nudes – Daniel Duart, UP


Fine Art: Photomanipulation – Greg Noblin, Whimsical Photo Surrealism


Professional Category Nature

International Nature Photographer of the Year 2017

Philip Thurston, Courtship


Nature: Aerial, 1st place winner – Emily Kaszton, Wave Chasers


Nature: Landscapes, 1st place winner – Florent Mamelle, Steaming ocean


Nature: Seascapes, 1st place winner – Erez Marom, The Icebergs of Disko Bay


Nature: Trees, 1st place winner – Maciej Nowacki, After Storm


Nature: Wildlife, 1st place winner – Philip Thurston, Courtship


Professional Category People

International People Photographer of the Year 2017

Isabela Pacini, The Hosts


People: Children, 1st place winner – Jeannette Gregori, Gypsy Childhoods


People: Fashion/Beauty, 1st place winner – Michal Baran, Monochromatic Hairscapes


People: Portrait, 1st place winner – Isabela Pacini, The Hosts


People: Street, 1st place winner – Cyril Abad, AMERICA, Relax, everything is fine!


People: Travel, 1st place winner – Danny Yen Sin Wong, Waving Nets


See more winners from the amateur category, and the honorable mentions from professionals as well as the honorable mentions from the amateur category on the competition’s website.

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