People come to stock photography platforms for different reasons. Copywriters and editors need visuals for blogs and websites to establish a unique tone of voice. Designers look for images and vectors that would help them visualize their ideas. Marketers and business owners are looking for content that would perfectly appeal to their audience and help them achieve marketing goals. 

However, stock photography can also be fun. You can use visuals from stock libraries to create memes, creative collages, and any other types of content that would bring pleasure to both your audience and you. 

Speaking about memes…Valentine’s Day is here and we couldn’t help but seize the moment and created Valentine’s Day memes with stock images from the Depositphotos library.


Valentine’s Day Memes With Stock Photos

Valentine’s Day is a controversial celebration. On the one hand, there’s a shopping frenzy and crowds of people at the restaurants and cafes. On the other hand, one has a fair reason to ignore the occasion as you could also share your love with others on any other day of the year. Although Valentine’s Day is not even an official holiday (unlike Christmas or Thanksgiving), there are many people who take it too seriously. They are either be obsessed with planning and preparation or, in contrast, deliberately avoiding everything Valentine’s Day related. 

All these situations that happen just before and during Valentine’s Day make good reasons for jokes and memes. But be careful, some of them might be too relatable.

People call it Valentine's Day, I call it Friday.

Me on the 14th of February

Happy Valentine’s Day to myself. I love you.

Relationship status on Valentine's Day: Table for one but drinks for two

"This Valentine's Day. Other people: Me: "

If you're sad about being alone on Valentine's Day, just remember.... Nobody loves you on the other days of the year either.

If I worked at a restaurant on Valentine's Day I would put a fake engagement ring in every girl's drink. Then watch the dude sit there like:

Are you Google? Because you have everything i am searching for.

He canceled the Valentine's Day plan:

Love is in the air. Try not to breathe.

This Year's Valentine's Day I will enjoy long, romantic walks to the fridge

En Memes 06

Can't wait to receive nothing on Valentine's Day

I don't always thank god but when I do, it's for women who hate Valentine's Day

Whether you celebrate Valentine’s Day or not, it might still be a reason to have a good laugh about situations that describe how your friends and you feel about Valentine’s Day. 

We are also curious about which Valentine’s Day meme is your favorite? Share your thoughts in the comments below.

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