Last days before New Year are the most delightful and exciting ones. You are probably on vacation, spending time with your family and friends, musing about the past year and writing down your New Year’s resolutions for 2020.

The decisions you make about leisure activities might be quite spontaneous, while the ones that concern the direction you’ll head in next year require more thought. When making resolutions, try to set specific goals and think over the steps to achieve them. Sometimes it’s worth putting the whole year into perspective, as we’ve done with our blog.

These are the articles you’ve liked, probably seen, and wouldn’t mind having a read again. Our top articles from 2019 include all our favorite topics on design, photography, business, and marketing. Before making our resolutions, we wanted to inspire and motivate you to share the best of the best before a brand new year.


Visual Trends Report 2020: Think Ahead

Get unique insights from our yearly project – Visual Trends 2020. For everyone working in a field related to visual communication, it serves as a guide to ideas, topics, and aesthetics that will shape the future of photography, design, advertising, and marketing.




The Psychology of Simple: Why It’s So Hard To Achieve in Design

In this article, we get things sorted and explain why simplicity is the key to success in many fields, from design to engineering.

What Is Design Thinking And Why Do You Need It?

Even if you work in the field loosely related to design, you should still be curious about the concept of design thinking. The method related to this topic is full of insights, with an alternative approach to problem-solving.

What is design thinking



3 Ways AI is Changing Photography Right Now

You might not know it but AI is already surpassing human intelligence. It influences every single sphere of our lives and is changing the future of many professions. Photography is no exception.

14 Niche and Unexplored Themes in Stock Photography

Being a contributor to a stock photography platform and having a portfolio that brings in a profit are two different things. For the first one, you simply need to register with the website and start uploading visuals. Meanwhile, to earn money with stocks, you need to think analytically, devote time to keywording and with time, find your niche on the market.

3 Ways AI is Changing Photography Right Now


Business and Marketing

All the Unexpected Ways Instagram Has Changed the World

In 2020, Instagram will celebrate its 10th anniversary. In light of this, we’ve made a summary of the ways in which this social network has influenced our lives. The insights are impressive.

How to Use Photography to Influence Consumer Behavior

According to the CrowdRiff infographic, 63% of consumers say that images are more important than product descriptions, while 53% believe that visuals are more significant than ratings or reviews. Read this article to find out even more insights on how to influence consumer behavior using photographs.

All the unexpected ways Instagram has changed the world



Wildlife Photographer Andrey Gudkov on Expeditions, Gear, and Danger

We’ve talked to a National Geographic photographer from Russia, Andrey Gudkov, to find out what it takes to be a wildlife photographer and what risky situations he faced during his expeditions.

Julie Berthelemy: “The Most Important Thing Missing in Society Today is Fun”

In this interview, a photographer from Brussels and a Depositphotos contributor, Julie Berthelemy, explains how to think outside the box and shares her philosophy and approach to photography.

Julie Berthelemy “The most important thing missing in society today is fun”


News and Events

The Super Size Option is Now Available on Depositphotos

When you click on a photo or an editorial file on the Depositphotos website, now there’s a new size available. It provides more possibilities when repurposing visuals for projects of any scale.

Looking for Illustrations? Try Our New Search Filter

This year, we also introduced a new search filter just for illustrations. Find out the perks of using them, as well as what the filter has to offer to marketers, designers, and social media managers.

Looking for illustrations Try our new search filter


Photo Collections

Featured Collection: Vertical Images and Videos

Looking for social-media-ready content? We’ve got you covered. This collection of vertical images and videos will be relevant for any kind of project you’ll be working on in 2020.

Featured Collection: Visual Trends 2020

Close to any project needs the right visuals. This collection of images and videos from our Visual Trends Report will guide you through the main photography concepts and themes of 2020.

Fantasy alien planet

Even if you postpone making New Year’s resolutions for 2020 to January or February, save this list of the top articles for later. It will help you find the right direction and provide you with some motivation. Your search for visuals and inspiration may resume in the next year, so bookmark this list for later.

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