This week the whole world will likely and most probably go crazy with all the shopping frenzy. According to the survey, 61% of people plan to shop on Black Friday and 50% on Cyber Monday. Do you smell the opportunities?

Mind-blowing discounts on favorite products and services, dream package deals, and FOMO will make many people purchase goods and services like their life depends on it. Brands should definitely consider this when planning and launching promotions because now is the time.

Our advice is to put all your efforts into offers and copy, so that you don’t have to worry about visuals. We’ve got you covered with images, but also some last-minute marketing ideas. In our thematic photo collection, you can find dozens of photos, vectors, and illustrations to include in your Cyber Week posts and emails.

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7 last-minute marketing ideas for Black Friday and Cyber Monday

1. Write a blog post on your best deals

portrait of beautiful young woman

2. Promote Instagram Stories with a link to your online-store

3d illustration in black

3. Appeal to Gen Z with promo-videos on TikTok

Photo Collection Black Friday and Cyber Monday

4. Send out printed invitations to loyal clients

Black Friday Sale Vertical Banners

5. Partner with influencers to expand your target audience

Company of Friends

6. Induce FOMO with eye-catching captions on social media

sale announcemment

7. Run a small email-marketing campaign featuring the best offers and their dates

Black Friday and Cyber Monday Sale background

To make your marketing campaign as effective as possible, promote your products or services on multiple channels at the same time. For instance, you can post images on both Facebook and Instagram, and send out a couple of emails with a countdown to Black Friday. For more visuals and inspiration, check out the full collection of thematic photos, vectors, and illustrations.

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