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12 Photography Contests To Enter in 2017

Many of our talented contributors have dozens of award winning photographs (if not hundreds.) For this reason, we compile reports every year to help you advance in your career. These photography contests can be quite rewarding as they come with great publicity, and excellent cash prizes to top it off.

Shortlisted Finalists of the New East Photo Prize

To say photography is powerful medium would be an understatement. Photography has the power to make us look twice, ponder on a frozen moment in time, reflect and reconsider our perceptions. A single photograph can speak volumes and evoke emotions from the audience.

A Chance at Fame: 8 International Photography Contests

How many of  your photographs are awards worthy? You probably haven't considered the possibility so here's some food for thought. Photography contests are a great way to get exposure, showcase your talent and have a real shot at making a difference. Photographs are such a powerful medium that dozens of contests are held around the world for almost every category.

iPhoneography at its Finest: Winners of the 2016 iPhone Photography Awards

It is a common misconsumption that you need an advanced DSLR camera to perfect your skills as a photographer and an artist. Since the release of the iPhone 2-megapixel camera, the world of photography underwent a major transformation. Each generation of iPhones improves the resolution of photos and introduces new editing apps, giving everyone an opportunity to try their hand at photography. Having an iPhone on you at all times easily replaces the need to carry a DSLR around; it’s convenient and the end results of your photographs are always sophisticated.

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