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Our Inspectors are pretty strict, but actually fair. We asked them to share their top secret information with you. How to avoid rejection during the image approval at Depositphotos? In this post you will find the reasons, why the image could  be rejected during the approval on our web site.

Cry © Depositphotos

Cry © Depositphotos | Michele Piacquadio

1. No commercial value. The image is not suitable for commercial use.

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Vintage Stuff Extreme Collection © Depositphotos

Vintage Stuff Extreme Collection © Depositphotos | David Sandonato

Create for the sake of Life

International Mother Earth Day. The goal of this holiday, which was proclaimed official by the United Nations General Assembly in 2009, is to make humanity pay attention to the vulnerability of the Earth’s ecosystem.

The first Earth Day, a celebration of Mother Earth, took place in 1970, following the lead of the activist U.S. senator from Wisconsin, Gaylord Nelson. A group of students led by Harvard graduate student Dennis Hayes, despite the lack of funding to organize a mass event, helped alert the public to the problem of ecology.

Earth Day © Depositphotos

Earth Day © Depositphotos | Lorelyn Medina

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