Drone photography has taken over the world, featuring breathtaking footage of our world from a different perspective. Drone photography has also become a genre of it’s own, inspiring AirVūz to host a contest, Drone Video Awards. Users are asked to upload their best videos according to 13 available categories. The content curators then vote and distribute the prizes.

Drone Video of the Year went to Timelab.pro, a video that features aerial footage of Moscow. Not all the winners in the categories had sweeping landscapes, and you’ll be pleasantly surprised at this year’s entries.

Cities Category Winner 

“Moscow Aerial 5K Timelab.pro” by Timelab.pro


Landscape Category Winner

“Perspective” by jay worsley


Drone Racing Category Winner



Countries Category Winner

“Awaken” Iceland by mikebishop.tv


People Category Winner

“This is Yunnan” by Face du Monde

Animals Category

“Majestic Beast Nanuk” by florial ledoux


Tiny Whoop Category Winner

エアリアルヨガスタジオ y+AERO × TINY WHOOP JAPAN” by KatsuFPV


Dronie Category Winner

“There’s No One Else” by WellingtonRodrigues


Sports Category Winner

“Dream…” by PilotViking


FPV Freestyle Category Winner

“NURK’s Flight of the Year // Trains, Bridges, Rapids, Mountains, Sunset, Gapping, Perching, Powerlooping” by nurkfopv


Originality Category Winner

“Cardboard Cadet” by chrisxgxc


Aerial Reels Category Winner

“Drones are awesome” by thisistilt

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