Depositphotos’ weekly review: October 29

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Icons Set for Web Applications, Internet & Website icons, Universal ico | Stock Vector © Depositphotos | Mostafa Fawzy

Windows and Gates

On Sunday, one of the most prominent and enigmatic people of the epoch celebrates his special day. Happy upcoming birthday, Mr. Bill Gates! For this occasion, we have prepared a selection of the best windows and gates available for sale on Depositphotos. Stop by and peer in!

Blue glass corridor | Stock Photo © Depositphotos | Denis Babenko

Around the World in Eighty Days. Brindisi: the Gateway to the Adriatic

What do you know about the Italian city of Brindisi? It started as an ancient Greek settlement and developed into an important port town. It’s also where Phileas Fogg arrived before heading on to Suez. With its beautiful harbor, Brindisi is a true gateway to the Adriatic Sea, which we are going to enter today.

Adriatic sea | Stock Photo © Depositphotos | Sinisa Botas

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