Contemporary marketing has an entire variety of tools with which you can reach your target audience, and meet your marketing goals in less time. You can promote your product or service on social media, via email, with the help of SEO, and advertising but all these efforts will fall short if you don’t appeal to your audience’s emotions.

Being a rule of thumb, this type of marketing even has its own name – emotional marketing. It uses emotions to appeal to small or large groups of people, in an effort to connect with clients on a more personal level.

Let’s face it, in the times of oversupply, this approach works because people no longer buy a product or a service, they buy an emotion or buy into the promise of getting them.

From love and joy to terror and hatred — there’s a huge spectrum of emotions you can use to strengthen your message or prove a point. Yet, if you aim to try something new and appeal to more people, pay special attention to the six basic emotions and learn to use them in your campaigns. You’ll find the whole range of emotions in our thematic photo collection.

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6 basic emotions you can use in your marketing campaign


Photo Collection: Emotional Rollercoaster


Photo Collection: Emotional Rollercoaster


Photo Collection: Emotional Rollercoaster


Photo Collection: Emotional Rollercoaster


Photo Collection Emotional Rollercoaster


Photo Collection: Emotional Rollercoaster

Although it may seem like a quick way to connect with an audience, it is not as easy as it seems. To make the most of your emotional marketing efforts, you should thoroughly study your target audience and appeal to emotions that would work for them in particular.

If you feel like these six basic emotions are too simple, you can explore our photo collection “Emotional Rollercoaster” and choose visuals that would perfectly fit your upcoming marketing campaign.

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