Free! Free! Free! Seamless colored chair vector

стулSeamless colored chair vector | Stock Vector ©  Depositphotos | ClassyCatStudio

No matter, how big or small the project is, you will always need added details. You can’t just put a face on the blank canvas. You’re going to need backgrounds, furnishings, fonts etc. And this is where Depositphotos comes in. Even though you have loads of models waiting outside your studio to be photographed for one of your brilliant graphic design projects, there’s always a need for a lamp post, a window or a chair. Like these fun and colorful ones from ClassyCatStudio. Enjoy it free for a week!

Top 5 Depositphotos newcomers to watch!

Teddy bear wearing Christmas hat with gifts isolated on white ba

Teddy bear wearing Christmas hat | Stock Photo © Depositphotos | Jeanette Maria Dietl

Our new contributor Jeanette Maria Dietl (Jeanette.Dietl) does Chrismas like no other. Her plush, sumptuous colors and cute cuddly bears will melt away any frown.

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No other photographer has covered as much ground for Vanity Fair as Jonas Fredwall Karlsson, one of the magazine’s go-to visual masterminds. For the last 13 years, together with photography producer Ron Beinner, he has captured faces of tragedy and glory, misfortune and fame, from Timbuktu (literally) to Ground Zero—all in his signature style. Just a few of his dozens and dozens of iconic portraits are gathered here.

Jonas Fredwall Karlsson portraits of Barack Obama
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