The Rumble Continues: CANON 70D VS. NIKON D7100



Over the last few months, whenever people ask us to recommend a decent DSLR for action photography (sports, wildlife, etc.), we would instantly recommend the NIKON D7100. It’s listed at about $1200, and it features a 24 mpx sensor and 51 focusing squares (15 of which are cross-type), it shoots at an acceptable 6 fps, and the image quality in terms of dynamic range and color is simply superb. For the money, you probably couldn’t find anything better or more reliable – and it’s also very sharp when shooting video.

Depositphotos presents “THE DIGITAL DECADE” competition winners: Xavier Bourdil (France)


It’s often the simplest idea that yields the best results. Arseny Vesnin, founder of the Designcollector – one of the best-respected web resource dedicated to design –knows it full well: three months ago his brainchild passed its ten-year milestone and, Vesnin thought, what better way to pause and marvel at a great achievement then to invite a bunch of graphic designers to take over the anniversary issue of the Designcollector’s print cousin, DCMAG magazine, and make a contest out of it? The celebratory DCMAG Issue#3 was supposed to feature all of the contest’s future participants and the first four were to be awarded some seriously cool prizes. Simple idea, and yet what a creative fiesta it turned out to be!

Your Today’s Free Vector: Background with cat paw print and fish bone

Background with cat paw print and fish bone


Background with cat paw print and fish bone | Stock Vector © Depositphotos | ClassyCatStudio

We actually wish they’d manufacture a bed sheet with this pattern! Great for children’s bedroom – soft, soothing colors and playful look at something, it would seem, not so fun: a fish corps. You’d better believe it, your kids will ask questions so you should be working on your answers right now!

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