Today’s Guru Talk: Using Automobile Headlights as Light Sources

Today’s Guru Talk: Using Automobile Headlights as Light Sources

Anyone who has ever held a camera has, at some point either used or thought of using headlights as lighting equipment: they are fairly bright, they’re relatively soft and warm and they are there – cars are ubiquitous. Needless to say, some of the best-known names in the business have used them (not exclusively, of course) as backup, fill, and sometimes even as a main light source. I know I have! So, what’s the deal?

Depositphotos presents “THE DIGITAL DECADE” competition winners: Vladimir Tomin (Russia)

Making good on the promise of the series of interviews with the “Digital Decade” contest winners, we give you…

THE DIGITAL DECADE competition winners: Vladimir Tomin

1st Place: Vladimir Tomin

Prize: Wacom Cintiq 13HD

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The Rumble Continues: CANON 70D VS. NIKON D7100



Over the last few months, whenever people ask us to recommend a decent DSLR for action photography (sports, wildlife, etc.), we would instantly recommend the NIKON D7100. It’s listed at about $1200, and it features a 24 mpx sensor and 51 focusing squares (15 of which are cross-type), it shoots at an acceptable 6 fps, and the image quality in terms of dynamic range and color is simply superb. For the money, you probably couldn’t find anything better or more reliable – and it’s also very sharp when shooting video.

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