2021 is almost over, and we’re excited to share some of the best articles that we’ve published on the Depositphotos blog this year. There are helpful photography guides, invaluable marketing tips, design trends, and advice for creatives. And if you’re looking for inspiration this holiday season, make sure to explore our special projects. We’re very proud of every one of them. Dive in to learn more!


Special projects

Creative Trends 2022: Merging the Future and the Past

Our team analyzed the main events of the past year to understand what’s going to happen in the creative industries next. Experts in the fields of design, photography, advertising, music, and art have chimed in to share their thoughts and insights. The main idea of the report is “merging the future and the past”, but if you’d like to prepare for 2022 well, read it in full.

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Hidden Messages

Hidden Messages in Childrens Books cover

We don’t want to get all existential here, but how often do we question our worldview? Most of us grew up reading children’s books, so we decided to revisit some of them and interpret them in a whole new way. Also, a team of talented illustrators created beautiful visuals to support our ideas.

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Explore project

The Photographer’s Way

We’re on a mission to support all kinds of creatives around the world, and photographers have a special place in our hearts. So earlier this year, we talked to some of them to find out more about their creative paths full of challenges and accomplishments. There are 8 talented hard-working artists and 8 unique stories.

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200 million files on Depositphotos

Explore Our Special Project Devoted To The 200 Million Files Milestone

This was definitely one of the major highlights of the year for everyone at Depositphotos. We reached 200 million files, and continue to grow. Talking to our brilliant teams who made it happen seemed like the best way to celebrate. They were generous enough to share their insights and some tips.

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The Best Christmas Ads of 2021 Focus on Challenges, Community, and Care

The Best Christmas Ads of 2021 Focus on Challenges Community and Care 2

Even though Christmas is over, these ads remain relevant because they embody the issues and values that are prevalent in our society today. This is why we recommend revisiting and analyzing them in depth.

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Social Media Practices You Should Leave Behind in 2021

Social Media Practices You Should Leave Behind in 2021

Sometimes you improve and get better results by giving up on something old, instead of adding something new. Exclude these outdated practices from your social media strategy, and take it to the next level with these tips.

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How to Build a Community Around Your Brand

Brand communities have been a thing for a few years, but their significance will keep on growing. Don’t miss out on the opportunity to create a strong connection with your customers. Find out how to turn them into a devoted community.

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How to Go Viral: The Power of Crowd Marketing for Brands

Who doesn’t want to go viral, right? But the question is how, and it’s not an easy one to answer. Discover our tips on how to attract people and make them eager to promote your brand on their own.

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Recommerce for Brands Explained: Principles, Ideas, and Best Practices

The importance of a sustainable approach towards entrepreneurship will keep on increasing. Find out what recommerce is and explore some of the ways to implement it in your business.

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Generation Alpha: 7 Marketing Tips For Effective Campaigns

Generation Alpha 7 Marketing Tips For Effective Campaigns

While most marketers are focused on generation Z, we recommend paying attention to an undiscovered area that is generation Alpha. This article will help you understand them better and adjust your strategy accordingly.

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Practical Tips to Use GIFs and Video Loops in Your Projects

You can boost a basic piece of content by adding a GIF or a video loop. And if you struggle with finding a way to do it for a particular project, this guide will help. It includes universal ideas and useful resources that you can rely on.

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Interview with content creator and photographer Anna Lebedeva

How to Prepare for a Major Career Change with Anna Lebedeva Paris with me founder

Quitting an office job and doing something creative is a big dream that many people have. But what is this path really like? Anna Lebedeva knows well, and shares her experience in this interview full of personal stories, challenges, and exciting accomplishments. Read it as a source of inspiration and motivation.

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How to Find Ideas for a Stock Photography Portfolio

There are a lot of opportunities in stock photography, but a portfolio is extremely important. We’ve created this short guide on finding new ideas to help you be creative and productive.

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Wildlife Photography Guide: Useful Tips and Ultimate Destinations for Perfect Animal Pictures

Going on a wildlife photography adventure requires research and a lot of thorough preparation. This guide includes answers to some of the most common and relevant questions. Dive in and start planning an exciting adventure for 2022!

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Interview with travel photographer Fernando Privitera

Interview With Fernando Privitera Travel and Landscape Photography 3

How do you travel the world and earn a living by taking photographs? Fernando Privitera knows the answer. In this interview, he not only shares inspiring stories based on his experience, but also gives practical advice.

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Exploring Therapeutic Photography: How Your Camera and Hobby Can Help You Heal

Photography can be many things: a hobby, a career, a healing tool. Find out how to take pictures for the benefit of your well-being, no matter who you are: an amateur, a professional, or someone who has only taken photos with their phone.

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How to Find Clients as a Freelance Photographer

If you’re preparing to focus on a career as a freelancer photographer next year, this is a must-read for you. These tips will help you avoid common pitfalls and achieve better results faster.

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Interview with fine art photographer Katalin Száraz

Heres What Authenticity is According to 20 Independent Photographers Week 5 and 6

Katalin Száraz has been taking photos since she was 14, and she is currently working in the field of fine art photography after trying out several other directions. In this interview, she talks about how she got to where she is today.

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20 Best Website Designs from Awwwards in 2021

20 Best Website Designs from Awwwards in 2021 16

As you know, it’s important for designers to keep an eye out on what’s happening in the industry, and what others are doing. This article will help you catch up on some of the best website designs. Exploring them could be a great exercise in discovering something you like, deciding what you’d do differently, and finding something you’d want to implement in your own projects.

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Must-Watch List: 14 of the Most Inspiring Movies for Designers

Winter holidays are perfect for spending a lot of cozy time at home and watching inspiring movies. If you’re a designer who has no idea what to choose next, we’ve got you covered.

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6 Design Trends to Unfollow in 2021, and Why They Became Irrelevant

The design field is changing faster than ever, so sometimes it can be hard to keep up with it. We did our research to help you navigate these transformations and build awareness on outdated trends. Dive in to discover every one of them.

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How to Identify, Prevent, and Recover from Burnout: Tips for Creatives

Burnout is quickly becoming one of the biggest and most disturbing issues among people in all industries, including creative ones. We highly recommend reading this article to discover the signs of burnout and key ways to deal with it.

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New Year’s Resolutions for Creatives in 2022: Tips and Tools

New Years Resolutions for Creatives in 2022 Tips and Tools 7

If you’re in the mood to set some goals and make some resolutions, this guide is for you. There’s no pressure, only simple and effective ideas that could gently guide you along the way.

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Networking Tips for Introverted Creatives

One of the biggest challenges of a creative career is building a relevant network that is a source of inspiration, support, and new opportunities. We’ve compiled a list of ideas that could help you network if you are an introverted creative struggling with networking.

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We hope that you’re taking good care of yourself this holiday season and using this time to recharge your batteries. Let’s keep on creating together in 2022!

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