Maidan through Photos: Maxim Kudimets, Insider

In our series  ’Maidan through Photos’,’ the photojournalists covering the events in Kyiv share their best photographs and reveal how to stay safe while in the epicenter of the clashes.

Maxim Kudimets, photojournalist of the Insider.

I was photographing the events of February 18 for 24 hours. I witnessed the clashes between the protesters and the riot police at the crossing of Shelkovychna and Instytuska Streets, and saw how the office of the Party of Regions was occupied.


«There were several pretty dangerous moments. And I don’t even mean bombshells exploding under my feet — basically, everyone experienced that all day. I had a conflict situation with the law enforcement officers. When the riot police won back the office of the Party of Regions, which happened around 2:00 pm, I was photographing right from the Berkuts side (note: Berkut — Ukrainian riot police) at Shelkovychna street.  I saw a man in civilian clothes distributing ammunition among them, and started taking pictures of the situation. Right away, I was approached by another man, wearing civilian clothes as well, but unlike the first one he was holding a walkie-talkie. He grabbed my camera and demanded I delete my shots, otherwise he would break the camera and beat me as well. There was nothing I could do but delete them».

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