Have you already prepared your thematic Earth Day designs? If not, don’t worry—we’ve assembled exclusive collections of images that will perfectly complement any project, from a social media or email campaign to an educational video.

Our collections celebrate the four elements of nature—earth, water, air, and fire—which have been considered the fundamental principles of the world since ancient times. Learn about the symbolism behind each classical element and choose breathtaking images for your striking holiday campaigns and beyond.

Discover The Elements of Nature Collection

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What are the elements of nature?


You can find the earth element in soil, fields, mountains, and other land. Due to its physical nature, it serves as a home for all living beings. The earth is a rich and fertile element that gives us food and energy. In many cultures, it is associated with the image of the great mother who feeds and protects. The importance of the earth is also emphasized by the fact that different religions had gods related to the element—from Ceres in Roman mythology to Prithvi in Hinduism.

The symbolic meaning of the earth element is primarily tied to ground, fertility, prosperity, generosity, home, and safety. It also represents life and longevity. Earth is usually associated with black, brown, yellow, and green colors. By choosing thematic images for your communication, you can convey a sense of connection with nature, stability, and calmness. Check out our Earth collection to find ideas for your next project!

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Since the earliest times, water has been considered the source of all life. Hesiod and Thales, some of the first Greek philosophers, believed that water is the primal element from which all things are made. It also plays an essential role in various cultural traditions. For instance, in Buddhism, water is a symbol of the infinite flow of being and the wisdom of Buddha. And Christians associate it with purification, blessing, and eternal life.

The water element represents birth, healing, fertility, clarity, and intuition. Its fluid and transformative nature also symbolizes change and the flow of life. Water is associated with blue, green, silver, and gray colors. Images of the element can create a soothing or stimulating effect depending on the chosen shade and the state of the water, whether it is a quiet surface or stormy waves. Browse through our thematic collection to see how diverse but still captivating the water element is.

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Air is another element that brings life to all creatures. Although it is the least tangible element, air surrounds us everywhere. At the same time, it can be seen as breeze or wind. This natural force is associated with spirit, breathing, and inspiration (from the Latin spirare, which means “to breathe”). The main qualities of air are mobile, cool, light, thin, fluid, and transparent.

Air is considered an active and masculine element that symbolizes lightness, motion, communication, knowledge, and creativity. While it embodies the elusive and intangible, air can be a mighty force manifested in wind and storms. Usually, white, blue, and yellow colors are used to depict this element. Select inspiring images of skies, clouds, wind, and wide open spaces to give your design a sense of ease and dynamics.

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Fire is an element that gives warmth and light, protecting living beings from the dangers of the night. What makes it unique is that it’s the only element humans can produce by themselves. Since ancient times, fire has been given divine meaning. From Prometheus, who stole the sacred fire from Olympus and brought it to humans, to the Pillar of Fire, a manifestation of God’s presence in the Torah—this natural force has often become an intermediary between mortals and gods.

Fire symbolizes the Sun, power, energy, knowledge, and love. It is also often associated with purification and renewal, making this element integral to many religious rituals. In a negative sense, fire represents danger, pain, and death. The nature of this element is fluid, and its meaning varies greatly from context to context. You can use the image of fire to grab attention and convey a sense of passion or create urgency enhanced by red and orange.

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Discover the comprehensive collection dedicated to nature’s elements showcasing our planet’s unique beauty. You can integrate these stunning visuals into your Earth Day campaigns to spread awareness of crucial environmental issues or use them in any other project to grab attention and engage your audience. Fill your design with earth, water, air, and fire elements!

Discover The Elements of Nature Collection


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