TUT ON TUESDAY: How to get use out of a useless cat

А few days ago we reported on getting at least some use out of a sleeping toddler. The response was so overwhelming that we’ve decided to continue the series of tutorials and show you, how to get some use out of a cat that is not into hunting mice. Not into anything, really. Not unlike the aforementioned baby, cats that belong to the young couple behind this blog prefer eating and sleeping to any other conceivable activity known to beast and men. So, what do you do with useless cats like that? You dress them in tights and have them entertain the bejesus out of the entire world! Observe:

Epic cat in tights

Pop Quiz: name familiar app brands!

When evaluating the visibility of a logo design, most designers consider how it will look in all kinds of situations — printed on advertisements, cast in metal, embossed on letterhead, foil-stamped on packaging, blown up to a mega-size for environmental signage, etc.

Logos for apps, however, are different. The most important test is how the mark will look at less than a quarter-inch high when viewed on a smartphone or laptop screen. Here’s a quiz to see if you can name these app brands, shown here larger than they are normally seen. The answers are coming tomorrow!

Pop Quiz: name familiar app brands!

Around the World in Eighty Days: New York

We’ve been waiting for this stop on our virtual journey around the world for so long, and we’re finally here! Following Phileas Fogg, we’ve arrived in New York. Today we’d like to break with tradition and instead of showing you the main sights of New York (which are rather well known) we are sharing things and places Depositphotos‘ team in New York faces every day. Welcome to our NY office and its neighborhood!