On the night of February 24th, Vladimir Putin started a full-scale war against the independent country of Ukraine. Millions of Ukrainians woke up from the sounds of explosions, which have only been growing louder with time. As of today, Ukraine is in a continuous state of war and people are dying every day.

The majority of the Depositphotos and VistaCreate teams are Ukrainian, some of us have stayed in the country and many have had to flee. We are witnessing this war first hand, with our own eyes. Housing blocks are under attack, people’s homes, hospitals, kindergartens, schools.

The Truth About The War In Ukraine: See How You Can Help
Feb. 25, 2022: War of Russia against Ukraine. View of a civilian building damaged by a Russian rocket attack in the city of Kyiv — Photo by palinchak

The whole territory of our country turned into a war zone engulfed by horrifying warfare in the past days. The time when Ukrainians had a restful sleep seems like in the distant past now. Those who are not on the battlefield, defend their country from their shelters by sharing the truth about the war in Ukraine. Being a strong nation, Ukrainians see no other way than to fight and to defend their country.


What you can do to help and support Ukraine

Wherever you are, you can help us shed light on what is happening in Ukraine and stand up for peace. This war touches each and every one of us but change can start even with the smallest action.

We put together two image collections that highlight the true situation in Ukraine and feature rallies around the world in solidarity with Ukrainians. The images are free to use for media organizations as well as any individual that wants to share them for social media.

Say No to War image collection Rallies around the world collection
The Truth About The War In Ukraine! See How You Can Help
Ukraine, Kharkiv, Feb. 24, 2022: Ukrainian people sitting in a bomb shelter during Russia’s invasion of Ukraine. — Photo by standwithukraine

You can also access over 300 templates from VistaCreate to show your support on social media. Pick your template and adjust it with a key message or one of your own.

See template collection

The media space is becoming infiltrated with fake news and misinformation about the real situation in Ukraine. Here are some other things you can do to help:

  1. ​​Watch news from reputable international media.
  2. Call friends and relatives in Ukraine, find out the situation first hand.
  3. Spread ONLY truthful information.

Take to the streets of your cities with peaceful protests, say “No to war!” – as loudly as possible. If you had the chance to read this, know that you can make a difference. Use our collections to show that you #StandWithUkraine and have no tolerance for the brutal war instigated by Russia.

Ukraine people protest, thousands gather to demand tougher sanct
Downing Street, London, UK – Feb. 24, 2022: Ukrainian people protest, thousands gather to demand tougher sanctions on Russia from British Government — Photo by smutkoalex@gmail.com
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