Events and celebrations have been canceled all over the world and you don’t have to spend hours commuting anymore. The time you save while staying at home, you can invest in enjoying yourself but also in making your marketing campaigns look spectacular. To help you quickly achieve the latter, we’ve prepared two collections with drone footage and aerial shots. 


Drone footage and aerial shots for World Environment Day

Using images and videos shot from a bird’s view perspective for your projects is a surefire way to influence and impress your audience. This is particularly true when launching campaigns that celebrate the beauty of our planet or, in contrast, raise awareness on the global challenges our planet faces today. 

One of the most important occasions among the approaching ones is World Environment Day celebrated on June 5. Coined by the United Nations in 1972, its aim was and is to encourage people to take action towards protecting the environment. 

For brands, communities, and individuals, World Environment Day is a great occasion to share actions that they take to preserve the environment. It is also an opportunity to strengthen a brand’s image and increase brand awareness by highlighting the importance of this day in a special project. 

If you already have an idea in mind or there are activities that you brand conducts on a yearly basis, you can enhance your project with stunning aerial visuals that attract audiences’ attention in a matter of seconds. Moreover, you don’t have to spend hours looking for them, as we’ve got you covered. 

The Depositphotos content team has carefully curated two thematic photo collections. There’s one with mesmerizing drone footage and the second is with breathtaking aerial shots that will definitely make your World Environment Day project stand out. 

However, if you’re running out of time or have other important tasks to complete, you can simply raise awareness of environmental protection by posting a photo or a video with a spectacular view on social media. Here are the best picks from our photo collections that look just stunning. 

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Beautiful view of Bahamas islands from above

Drone view of a forest and a serpentine road autumn

drone photo

drone photo of mountains and rainbow

stock photo of water streams

aerial stock image of rice fields

aerial shot of snowy mountains

aerial stock photo planet

Niagara Falls stock photo

Drone footage and aerial shots are a go-to when you need a quick but effective solution for a marketing project or campaign. Stunning visuals like these help you better engage with your audience on social media but they are also a perfect fit as a website hero image or thematic newsletter. 

Use these images and videos for your World Environment Day projects to highlight the majestic planet we live on. 

If you’re already planning a big project for World Environment Day 2020, these thematic photo collection will also be useful:

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