When you’re out of ideas and don’t have much time to come up with innovative ones for your projects, you can always turn to pop culture. Series, movies, and books can be go-to solutions when deadlines are approaching but you need to engage with your audience on the blog or social media.

Once you choose which story to use as a basis, here comes another issue. How do you translate the ambiance of the movie without using screenshots or posters from it? The solution is simpler than you think. Stock photography platforms like Depositphotos have hundreds of millions of photos for every kind of project and purpose. Among them, you can easily find images with the same aesthetic that a particular movie or series has.

For instance, photos with “Twin Peaks”, “Game of Thrones”, “The Grand Budapest Hotel”, and “Moonlight” vibes are here in four thematic collections so you can always keep them at hand and use for your projects anytime.


Photo collection featuring Twin Peaks aesthetics

Since its first release in 1990, “Twin Peaks” turned out to be more than an ordinary series. Its captivating plot and no less stunning aesthetic won many awards (including Emmy and Golden Globe Awards) and was named one of the greatest TV shows of all time.

A couple of years ago “Twin Peaks” made a great comeback and the series became even more popular than before. In addition to older generations that dove into the nostalgia of their youth, Gen Z (people aged 23 and less) also got acquainted with the beautiful horror story by David Lynch.

The gloomy, grungy, and surreal aesthetic of “Twin Peaks” is perfect to appeal to fans and an audience that loves dramas and thrillers. As David Lynch pays great attention to frames and details, his approach inspires many designers, photographers, and artists to recreate his aesthetics in their works as well.

Today the Twin Peaks vibes are recognizable even to those who have not watched the TV show. Thus, the TV show definitely deserves a separate collection of photos that can be integrated into your movie-related articles or social media posts.

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USA police car at work at night stock photo


Photo collection inspired by the “Game of Thrones” series

When George R. R. Martin wrote “Game of Thrones” in 1996 who could ever think that 11 years later the TV show of the same name would break the record in viewership on HBO? Today, “Game of Thrones” has a massive army of fans and there’s no doubt your audience loves this series as well.

The medieval theme with fantasy elements and impressive visual effects is a part of the “Game of Thrones” aesthetic. It also features castles and statues, copper swords and armor, and breathtaking views of Croatia, Northern Ireland, and Iceland, the images of which translate the atmosphere of the ancient world. Our content curators have put together a photo collection that includes the types of visuals listed above.

Photos from this selection will help you engage with all the binge-watchers of “Game of Thrones”. You can illustrate articles and posts but also create an entertaining test to make them guess the location or season depicted on a particular image. To draw more traffic to your website, you can create a large gallery of visuals and write a short feature inspired by “Game of Thrones”, for example.

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Throne in medieval castle stock photo


Photo collection that translates Wes Anderson aesthetic

The signature aesthetic of the American director Wes Anderson can be recognized from afar. It won over the hearts of many and inspired thousands of creatives to use symmetrical frames in their works after the premiere of one of the most aesthetically pleasing movies “The Grand Budapest Hotel” in 2014.

Wes Anderson’s approach to directing stands out from the classic one used by the contemporary film-makers. While the majority try to break the rules and find innovative ways to illustrate their scenes, Wes Anderson turns to by-the-book composition with unusual color palettes. His aesthetics is distinct because of pastel shades that endow his movies with vintage ambiance but also because of elaborate shots with a lot of details.

If your audience appreciates complexity in visual communication and loves Wes Anderson’s works, here’s a thematic collection of photos that look like they were cut from “The Grand Budapest Hotel” movie.

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Retro fire station stock photo


Photo collection with the Moonlight aesthetics

“Moonlight” was numerously named one of the best movies of the 21st century for many reasons. It raises the theme of black masculinity and starts a debate on stereotypes present in our modern society. However, the aesthetic of the movie is also worth mentioning as it marvels the eye and quickly engraves into your memory.

Bold and contrasting colors (as well as dark backgrounds) were used by the director Barry Jenkins to illustrate powerful scenes of the movie. The shots of “Moonlight” can also be recognized by how skillfully the scenes were built on photographic inspiration.

Images with the Moonlight aesthetic can be used to raise the issues of contemporary society in your projects but also to back up thought-provoking messages that you wish to deliver to your audience.

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Urban fashion afro man sitting stock image

Bookmark this article with four movie-inspired photo collections so you could turn to it next time you need to engage your audience with new ideas. You can also simply draw inspiration from these images to create your own projects inspired by acclaimed directors and unique aesthetics.

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