Featured Collection: Black and White Photography

Man showing handmade word on his hands.

This week, our featured collection is dedicated to black and white photography. Monochrome images are making a comeback as the demand for them grows. Why do we love black and white photography? Primarily because the shots have an artistic touch. You might want to accentuate an important element in its simplicity and black and white photography is a great form of expressing it.

Black and White Photography: A Guide for Beginners

black and white photography a guide for beginners depositphotos

Black and white photography is an artistic expression of the world around us with roots that go back to very beginnings of photography. Long gone are the days when these types of images were the only option available to artists. Today, black and white photo artistry remains relevant and some photographers still consider it the purest form of photography.

iPhoneography at its Finest: Winners of the 2016 iPhone Photography Awards

winners of the 2016 iPhone Photography Awards

It is a common misconsumption that you need an advanced DSLR camera to perfect your skills as a photographer and an artist. Since the release of the iPhone 2-megapixel camera, the world of photography underwent a major transformation. Each generation of iPhones improves the resolution of photos and introduces new editing apps, giving everyone an opportunity to try their hand at photography. Having an iPhone on you at all times easily replaces the need to carry a DSLR around; it’s convenient and the end results of your photographs are always sophisticated.

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