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ClipartBackgroundHalloweenChristmasWomanIconsLogoGirlBusinessFamilyVintage, Abstract,  PeopleWeddingCar.

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Dark Concrete Texture | Stock Photo © Depositphotos | Digifuture

Around the World in Eighty Days. Quick stop: Paris

We go on with our trip around the world that we started last week. We’re riding on the coattails of Phileas Fogg, who reached Paris on his way from London in early October 1872. Even though he’d spent just a couple of hours there before his departure for Turin, we can by no means skip this marvelous city.

Collection symbols of Paris. Hand drawing. | Stock Vector © Depositphotos | marinamik

Depositphotos examinations: Now even more convenient

It is well-known among stockers that in order to become a Depositphotos contributor, one needs to pass an examination. For this exam, aspiring contributors submit samples of their best work to be evaluated by Depositphotos’ inspectors. If their files are of a sufficiently high quality and have commercial value, they will be approved as Depositphotos contributors. Today we’d like to announce several improvements to the examination process.

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