You have definitely been in the situation when looking for something specific takes you longer than the rest of the design process. Maybe it’s the search for a perfect image or video, or perhaps (as most design tasks go) it’s finding the perfect font. The search can take a couple of hours of your precious time and can leave you face-to-face with an approaching deadline.

For you not to spend long hours stressing and searching for that one and only font among thousands of others, we’ve put together a collection of 20 lightweight and free minimalistic fonts that will fit your designs.


Key features of minimalism

It has already been a couple of decades since minimalism became an integral part of our lives and many don’t really pay attention to those features that differ minimalism from other styles. Minimalist designs and especially minimalist fonts, give viewers room to think. There’s enough space to admire something as fundamental as lines, shapes, and colors in composition when minimalistic fonts don’t distract the eye.

Air, cleanness, and natural colors allow designers to convey the true essence of the object. Balance, symmetry, and perfectionism are also important characteristics that, in the first instance, make your design aesthetically pleasant and easy to comprehend, while pattern repetition and geometric shapes help further simplify minimalist designs.

Quite often, minimalistic design requires a particular minimalist font that will make your idea look accomplished. Depending on the purpose of your project, you can choose a font or a couple of fonts that are 100% free or free only for personal use.

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20 free minimalistic fonts that will elevate your designs

100% free minimalist fonts

*These fonts are public domains what means that you can use them for both personal and commercial purposes. Feel free to create amazing designs with these 10 minimalistic fonts.

Fragment Core

These Free Minimalistic Fonts Will Bring Sophistication to Your Designs

White Angelica

white angelica minimalist font

Dolce Vita

Dolce Vita minimalistic font

Brittany Signature

Brittany Signature minimalistic font


arenq font minimalism

Antique Book Cover

Antique Book Cover minimalistic font


 Free Minimalistic Fonts

Nixie One

 Free Minimalistic Fonts

Dymaxion Script

 Free Minimalistic Fonts

Caviar Dreams

 Free Minimalistic Fonts

Free minimalist fonts for personal use

*For personal use only means that these 10 minimalistic fonts are not for commercial projects.


 Free Minimalistic Fonts

Midnight Champion

 Free Minimalistic Fonts


 Free Minimalistic Fonts

Digital 7

 Free Minimalistic Fonts

Reduza Infinity

 Free Minimalistic Fonts


 Free Minimalistic Fonts


 Free Minimalistic Fonts

Germany Sans

 Free Minimalistic Fonts

Base 4-5-6

 Free Minimalistic Fonts

At first glance, it may seem that minimalism is easy to achieve but in fact, it is a complex art of showing more with less. It requires fine skills, a lot of attention to every detail and artistic vision, especially when choosing a font.

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