Rethinking the Contemporary Lifestyle Through Stock Photography [Part 2]

unexplored themes lifestyle stock photography Our previous article covered 6 of the most in-demand topics in lifestyle photography. If you haven’t had a chance to see it, follow this link.

As a photographer, the theme of lifestyle should be of great interest because it’s such a versatile topic. For one, it is a great opportunity to add an artistic touch to everyday events. It is also a relatively easy theme to work with because its all about capturing the spirit of ordinary events.

Featured Collection: Internet of Things

internet of things stock photography

From routine usage of smartphones to the exciting prospects of smart cars and homes – the topic of internet of things dominates many aspects of our lives. We can go shopping, take care of our health and connect with one another through the smallest of devices.  How will the internet of things change our everyday life?

Behind the Scenes with Stefan Dahl

stefan dahl photography FEATURED IMAGE

One of our top contributors, Stefan Dahl, has ventured into stock photography with an impressive 12 year experience in the field. Like many photographers, Stefan started with a camera and a passion. He was photographing family members, dogs, plants and weddings. With a short break devoted to his family, he eventually started his own stock photography business with his wife Janni.