Digital Art and the Evolution of Stock Photography

Art speaks louder than words. It employs known visual objects and transforms them into surprising new forms. When it comes to digital art, can stock photography be of use? Can it keep up with the rapid pace of digital art transformation?

We’ve asked digital artists who participated in Digital Decade 2016 one simple question:

How should stock photography evolve in order to serve digital art in the future?


Moe Pike Soe on virtual reality:


3 Things You Would Like to Know about 7 Digital Artists

We asked talented artists three questions about their work, motivation and creative tools.


“There Is No Planet B,” claims this year’s Digital Decade. This contest has brought together 25 digital artists in an effort to imagine the world without war, inequality, diseases and climate change. Artwork will be exhibited at the Underdog Gallery in London on July 4–6.



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