All You Need is Passion: Interview with Sutipon Somnam

interview with a photographer sutipon somnam depositphotos

Many people ask me what one needs to get started in photography. Today’s article will inspire those that question their talent because this is a story of a young man that had nothing but passion to break into the industry.

Increase Your Profits with These Unexplored Themes in Stock Photography [Part 3]

increase your profits with these unexplored themes in stock photography part 3

Stock photographers have an extraordinary amount of power in the communications industry. Your works are used to support content and communicate with audiences before they even have a chance to dig into any actual reading. This element of choice in what you shoot plays an important role in other industries.

Here’s your chance to tap into the market and shoot for themes that are in high demand. Use your resources to expand on the unexplored themes in stock photography and you are bound to find success.

11 Photo Editing Tutorials to Take Your Photography to the Next Level

11 Photo Editing Tutorials to Take Your Photography to the Next Level

There are photographers that have a ‘strictly no retouching’ policy when it comes to their work. However, every now and then we find that we can enhance our images and make them better with a slight touch of Photoshop.

Photoshop is like a photographer’s best friend. Sometimes images don’t live up to your expectations and guess what? You can alter even your most underwhelming shots to make them look spectacular. Our collection consists of 11 Photoshop editing tutorials that will help you make the most of your artistic creations.