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1. RemaDays

Location: Warsaw, Poland
Date: January 30 – February 2
Stand: F2.24c
Depositphotos representative: Julia Kosova

RemaDays is one of the largest trade shows in the advertising industry in Central Europe. It’s an excellent platform for networking and discovering the latest trends in advertising and promotional materials. Hosted at Ptak Warsaw Expo, RemaDays is specially tailored for the advertising and printing industry. Its aim is to unite all branches of the sector under one roof, creating an optimal environment for establishing professional business contacts.

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2. Fuckup Nights

Location: Almaty, Kazakhstan
Date: February 9
Depositphotos representative: Mariia Sibirtseva

Fuckup Nights is a global event series that celebrates the often overlooked aspect of the business world: failure. Each month, in numerous cities around the world, this event brings together individuals from various professional backgrounds to share their personal stories of failure—from businesses that didn’t succeed to products that had to be withdrawn from the market. The reach of Fuckup Nights is truly global, spanning 60 cities and 62 countries. This powerful platform has witnessed over 15,000 stories of failure, resonating with more than 1 million attendees worldwide.

An upcoming Fuckup Nights event in Almaty is set to feature a special presentation by Mariia Sibirtseva, the Head of Content Marketing at Depositphotos. She will share her own experiences of professional mishaps and lessons learned.

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Join us in shaping the future of audiovisual content

3. Balkan e-Commerce Summit

Location: Sofia, Bulgaria
Date: April 4-5
Depositphotos representative: Milos Petrovic

The Balkan e-Commerce Summit is a key event for digital and e-commerce professionals in the Balkans. Attracting over 530 attendees from more than 15 countries, this two-day summit combines expert knowledge with high-level networking opportunities. It aims to show the true potential of Balkan markets, significantly simplifying cross-border commerce within the region.

Attendees have the opportunity to gain insights from industry leaders with extensive knowledge in various fields, including product development, cross-border marketing, sales, and the application of AI tools for business growth.

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4. America Digital

Location: Santiago, Chile
Date: April 10-11
Stand: A44
Depositphotos representative: Juan Colonia

America Digital is a seminal B2B event, attracting over 5,000 leaders who are at the forefront of digital transformation across Latin America. Spanning over 10,000 m2 with more than 200 booths, this expo serves as a crucial meeting point for both global and local technology providers in diverse sectors like Telecom, ICT, SaaS, IoT, Mobile, AI, M2M, Cloud, Big Data, IT Security, and more. It’s a unique convergence of technology and business, where C-Level executives and government representatives come together. The common goal is to seek out technologies that can enhance productivity, management, communication, marketing, and sales processes.

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5. Netcomm Forum

Location: Milano, Italy
Date: May 8-9
Stand: H33
Depositphotos representative: Antonella Benedetti

The Netcomm Forum is a key event in Italy for e-commerce and digital retail. This is a chance for digital commerce professionals to explore new market trends, technologies, and strategies for online retail. With more than 30,000 participants expected, the two-day forum includes 3 institutional plenary conferences and over 200 workshops and events by sponsors and partners.

2024 Netcomm Forum is set to explore the theme of “The Intelligence Commerce”—a concept that encapsulates the continuous re-configuration of retail and supply chains, focusing on ever-changing buying behavior and technological evolution.

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6. TechDay Expo

Location: New York, USA
Date: May 10
Depositphotos representative: William Liani

The history of TechDay began ten years ago — with a one-day event in New York City for startup founders and their teams. It immediately became a powerful networking platform, as participants could showcase their developments to investors and a wider audience. Since then, tens of thousands of people have gotten a chance to give their businesses a boost.

Today, this event attracts innovative entrepreneurs and technology developers from all over the world. If you are interested in promising startups or new business tools, join TechDay Expo.

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7. Seamless Middle East

Location: Dubai, UAE
Date: May 14–16
Depositphotos representative: Jessi Shaheen

For 24 years, Seamless has been a leading platform that brings together the brightest and most innovative minds from the payment, fintech, identity, banking, retail, e-commerce, home delivery, and digital marketing industry. It offers several exciting opportunities for participants: a global 3-day conference with more than 500 speakers covering the latest trends, market disruptors, and technologies shaping the digital commerce world; a free-to-attend multi-brand exhibition with over 600 exhibitors showcasing the latest tech for the digital commerce industry; a dedicated networking lounge, guest buyer program, and networking app.

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8. CEPIC Congress

Location: Antibes, France
Date: May 15-17
Depositphotos representative: Iryna Udovenko

For the past two decades, the CEPIC Congress has stood as the largest networking hub for the visual media business globally. It brings together organizations and businesses to discuss trends, challenges, and opportunities. With the theme “Authenticity in the Age of AI,” 2024 CEPIC Congress delves into contemporary issues and opportunities that the visual media industry faces, including implications of Generative AI to the challenges of identifying and labeling content, addressing the need for diversity, the pursuit of transparency, ethical considerations in AI, and copyright protection. The event will also feature a mix of conference discussions, webinars, and specialized workshops, along with pitch sessions between media buyers and content providers.

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9. DigiMarCon

Location: New York, USA
Date: May 16-17
Depositphotos representative:
William Liani

DigiMarCon is a go-to event for everyone involved in digital marketing, media, and advertising. Participants can learn from prominent industry representatives, gain valuable insights into emerging technologies and leading business development strategies, and build promising professional contacts. The conference organizers offer the best reports, case studies, strategic sessions, networking, and more. This year, topics of discussion include AI & ChatGPT, Behavioral marketing & Neuromarketing, Data Science & Big Data, Growth Hacking, and other exciting subjects.

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10. eCommerce & Digital Marketing Expo

Location: Athens, Greece
Date: May 24-26
Depositphotos representative: Milos Petrovic and Iryna Melnychuk

ECDM Expo is considered the largest event in Southeast Europe dedicated to e-commerce and digital marketing. It is a must-attend conference for professionals looking to expand their reach. eCommerce & Digital Marketing Expo offers a comprehensive overview of the latest trends and practices in eCommerce and digital marketing. Here you will find the latest tools, technologies, and strategies that are shaping the world of eCommerce and gain the knowledge you need to stay competitive.

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11. DES Show

Location: Malaga, Spain
Date: June 11-13
Stand: 1G725
Depositphotos representative: Xose Blas

Over three days in June, the DES Show transforms the city of Málaga into the epicenter of digital innovation and professional opportunities. The show is a testament to the transformative power of technology, showcasing its role in redefining the way we work and create. The concept of “AI as a service” emerges as a key theme of the 2024 DES Show, offering seamless integration and enhanced efficiency across various sectors.

Attendees can explore the vast potential of AI in generating new business models, leveraging tools like predictive analytics, smart automation, and advanced threat detection. The show places a strong emphasis on elevating the quality of operations and services, with automated testing and assurance playing a pivotal role.

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12. We Make Future

Location: Bologna, Italy
Date: June 13-15
Depositphotos representative: Antonella Benedetti

This event is part of the We Make Future series, focusing on technological innovation and the future of digital business. It’s a perfect platform for those looking to gain insight into future tech trends and network with industry leaders. The festival fosters a global network of changemakers, working alongside thousands of individuals and organizations committed to making a positive social impact. Its mission, encapsulated in the phrase “We Make Future,” is to build a new and better future centered around education, empowerment, employment, and innovation. This year, its focus is on key themes like digitization, sustainability, accessibility, employment, and entrepreneurship, striving to create an inclusive experience for all participants.

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