Newsbreaks are a powerful marketing tool that allow you to stay in tune with your audience and create content on relevant topics. Using holidays and iconic events, you can not only attract the attention of your clients and followers, but also build up a loyal community.

Now, in these anxious times, it’s more important than ever to support them and instill hope for a better future. How do you achieve this? Stake on positive content and remind people about key values that are worth fighting for. To make your task easier, we’ve created a selection of main summer newsbreaks and have added the best themed collections.

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1. Children’s Day (June 12th)

Фото дівчинка біжить у полі

Children’s Day is regarded as one of the oldest international holidays, and this fact emphasizes its exceptional importance. It was established to draw attention to the problem of well-being provision for children from all over the world. Today, this day acquires a special meaning since many children are still helpless and unprotected in the face of dangers they encounter.

You can choose various approaches. For example, focus on the positives of this holiday and share life-affirming images to illustrate what a happy childhood must look like. Another variant is to help spread awareness about children who need help and rescue due to warfare and humanitarian disasters.

Фото сумний кучерявий хлопчик

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2. Father’s Day (June 19th)

Фото чорно-біле ноги батька й сина

Father’s Day has a long history. In the United States and many Western European countries, people started to celebrate it more than a century ago. Later, this tradition was also adopted by other countries, cultivating respect for family values. Along the way, it gained huge popularity. And no wonder, as this holiday has a powerful ideological basis aimed at promoting the model of a good father, who is responsible for protecting his child’s life, takes part in raising his children, and teaches them by his own example.

Stereotypical ideas that women have to take care of children and men have to provide for their family became irrelevant a long time ago. Today, women have enough rights to build their careers in any area. At the same time, men devote increasingly more attention to their children and even take paternal leaves to take care of their newborn babies. Show this unrevealed side of fatherhood by taking photos of various sincere moments shared between children and their dads. And they don’t necessarily have to be young children, as for our parents we always stay kids no matter how old we are.

Фото батько із сином на риболовлі

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3. Independence Day, United States (July 4th)

Statue of Liberty, New York City, NY, stock photo

Independence Day is one of the most important holidays for US citizens. On July 4, 1776, the Second Continental Congress adopted the Declaration of Independence which marked the beginning of the history of the United States of America as a sovereign state. Soon after that, the tradition of massive celebrations on this day developed, including parades, carnivals, concerts, fireworks, and baseball games. On the 4th of July, Americans arrange picnics, holiday dinners, and BBQs, as well as honor their national traditions.

You have a huge selection of subjects for Independence Day. You can place a bet on traditional images with national symbols, and certainly the most important of them are Stars and Stripes and the Statue of Liberty. However, try to choose unusual angles and compositions to stand out from generic themed content. Show ordinary Americans, for example, soldiers in military uniform serving their country, or a family sitting around the holiday table watching the parade or fireworks.

Child with American flag stock photo

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4. International Friendship Day (July 30th)

Фото друзі на екскурсії

When talking about values, we can’t forget about friends! Especially since in June, there is a special day aimed to show the importance of friendship in our lives. For many of us, friends are like a second family, where people understand and support you, and share all the ups and downs with you. Think of the most vivid moments of your life. It is most likely that you experienced them with your friends.

In July, a themed campaign will be a good opportunity to engage your audience and give them some positive emotions. For example, you can ask your followers to share their stories of friendship or some special photos. Another option is to offer clients discounts and special promotions for this day that can be shared with friends. You have enough time to pick an idea, and as to the content, we have already prepared it for you.

Фото компанія друзів відпочиває на природі

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The selection of topics for communicating with your clients and audience depends a lot on your business specifics, but there are a lot of universal ones that will relate to most people. Seasonal holidays are universally applicable newsworthy events. We recommend you mark these days in your calendar and schedule themed campaigns around them. Especially because they are a great opportunity to share positive emotions and support with your audience – there can never be too much.


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