Summer is already here and it’s time to liven up your social media, websites, and emails with seasonal visuals. As usual, you might switch to brighter colors and bolder messages but you shouldn’t forget about the extent to which the world has changed this year.

People and their choices are now different in comparison to the previous summer. They opt for quality time, universal products, and improved services that would make their lives more joyful in times of uncertainty. Your approach to selecting visuals to appeal to your audiences has to change as well. This year, opt for images that are more authentic, emotional, and relatable to people from different corners of the world. 

To help you out with making the best choices of visuals, we share 10 photo collections that will be a perfect fit for your summer projects.


1. Summer 2020

This summer, the pace of life will be calmer than ever before. People will seek a new work-life balance trying to appreciate all the opportunities after long lockdowns. Local tourism, regular sports, and cozy family dinners will become a part of everyone’s lives including those people who were the hustle-culture patrons. 

Use the images and videos from this photo collection to illustrate new lifestyle choices of the summer of 2020. We’ve carefully curated a selection that will fit all kinds of summer projects.  

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2. A different kind of summer

Considering the latest events, there’s no doubt this will be a different kind of summer. Instead of active networking activities that many invested their time into, people will spend more time with their closest circle of people. They will also try to save their energy for recreational activities and creativity and will definitely choose summer cottages over concrete jungles. 

This collection of visuals perfectly illustrates this kind of lifestyle. It features ambient images that can be used in summer campaigns to show that you and your audience are on the same page.  

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3. Summer Vibes Videos

Although many things will be different this season, summer vibes will remain the same. Breathtaking sunsets, cooling water, volleyball on the beach, and infinite flower fields will still be among the warm season attributes familiar to audiences of different demographics. The best way you can translate these vibes in your summer campaigns is by using videos from our thematic photo collection. 

Moreover, video is one of the most effective marketing tools in 2020. Stats show that 95% of the message is retained by viewers when watching a video. 

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4. Father’s Day, June 21

If you’re looking for occasions to boost your sales this summer, you can start preparing thematic campaigns for Father’s Day. It is celebrated on June 21 and you still have some time to come up with interesting marketing ideas.  

With thematic images, we’ve got you covered. Here’s a collection featuring dozens of photos every Dad can relate to. 

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5. Independence Day, July 4

Another can’t miss occasion this summer is Independence Day on July 4. America will be celebrating 244 years of independence and people will get a couple of days off to enjoy themselves and spend more time with their family and friends. 

Explore our thematic photo collection and find visuals to illustrate the holiday on your website, blog, or social media. 

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6. Cooling Off This Summer

Many say this summer will be boiling hot, primarily because of the global warming we all witnessed in the last decade. Heatwaves might cover the world again and we’ll have nothing to do but opt for activities to cool off. 

This photo collection includes images of people swimming in pools, eating ice cream, enjoying refreshing drinks, or even travelling to the North to feel better. 

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7. Film Photography Aesthetic

For many years we were saying that stocks are not boring. To back up our statement we regularly share photo and video collections with authentic visuals based on the latest trends. For instance, a collection with the film aesthetic is part of this year’s Instagram photography trends. In 2020, it’s not only popular to take shots with an old school camera but also equally trendy to give your smartphone photos that film look. 

If you don’t have time to create trendy visual content from scratch for your social media, we share a fascinating collection of images that look like they were shot on film. 

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8. Love is in the Air [Weddings Edition]

Summer is the season of weddings but due to the pandemic, many might have been postponed or moved to better times. Those who decided not to put off such an important day in their lives and to celebrate it in their family circle are still looking for support from brands. 

In light of this, we’ve created a photo collection that celebrates small weddings that look even more heart-warming and sincere than celebrations that go all out. 

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9. Exotic Vacations by the Beach

Despite worldwide lockdowns continuing, we still hope that in the nearest months we’ll all be able to go on vacation to the seashore. If not, at least you’ll be able to use these images to deliver some nostalgic messages. You can remind people of the times when everyone could freely travel around the world and explore locations, even the most exotic ones.

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10. Refreshing Green

In addition to photo collections, every season we introduce the trendiest colors of the next three months.  This summer, refreshing green is one of those colors. On the internet, you can find a lot of interpretations of it, from Tranquil Dawn to Fresh Mint. We mentioned that Refreshing green is a color that looks amazing with other bright hues and, of course, with Crystal white which is popular as well. 

Without further ado, we’ve created a collection of green images that will be a perfect fit for your seasonal social media and blog makeover. 

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Use visuals from these collections for your seasonal projects and campaigns to make sure you’re on top of trends. Your audience will definitely appreciate your effort with unusual ideas aside from beach visuals. Stay up-to-date with our image collections and continue trying new things for your projects despite the tough times we’re all facing right now. 

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