What is the first thing that pops into your mind when you think of spring? Spring beauty is difficult to express in a couple of words or even a couple of photos, so our curators have put together a collection of cinematic spring videos for you. Each of them tells an atmospheric story about this season.

As you probably remember, Cinematic Aesthetics is one of the key trends in visual communication, according to 2021 Visual Trends Report by Depositphotos. We took it into account when creating this collection, so don’t be surprised if you accidentally stumble upon allusions from films like Memoirs of a Geisha, You’ve Got Mail, Big Fish, or another prominent spring-themed movie.

Keep in mind that using videos instead of static images in ads, on social media networks, or in emails is a powerful way to increase their conversion rates. So choose videos from the list below to fill your animated spring designs with spring birds singing or spring city street bustling.

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Cinematic footage for your spring designs 

Reexploring spring city streets

stock video spring city

Leaving home for spring adventures

stock video spring traveling road

Chasing every warm sunray

stock video spring sunset grass field

Enjoying spring showers

stock video spring rain girl running

Greeting first blossoms

stock video spring blossom flower tree

Looking forward to the beach season

stock video spring water rock swim

Getting ready to conquer new heights

stock video spring girl dog rock sea

Trying on a trending outfit

stock video spring fashion woman

Race against the wind while doing what you love

stock video spring skateboarding sunset

Living in harmony with yourself and the world around you

stock video spring field relax girl grass

Exploring your neighborhood with your best friend

stock video spring walking dog girl water

Falling in love while spring birds are singing all around

stock video spring love couple

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In spring, brands have many reasons to communicate with customers, including off-season sales, Easter 2021, World Health Day, Earth Day, and Mother’s Day. Unfortunately, image and video choice for spring campaigns often appears to be a time-consuming task for many. So that you don’t miss a chance to reach more customers this season, save time and effort with our curated collections, marketing advice, and spring design templates on Crello.


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