Unless you always have a dozen thematic photo collections at hand, searching for perfect visuals for your seasonal projects might be a never-ending adventure. 

This spring, we’d like you to concentrate on what you love doing most – putting your experience to practice and developing great ideas instead of spending hours searching for visuals. We’re here with some help on selecting a series of photos, vectors, and videos that would help you deliver your message to your audience this spring. 

We created an ultimate list of carefully-curated photo collections that you can bookmark and use for every kind of project you’ll be working on this season. 


Photo collections and marketing ideas for spring-related projects


1. Spring inspiration

This year, if you’re looking to refine your communication with your audience, you can start by choosing a couple of appealing images from this photo collection. It includes hundreds of images that celebrate spring and inspire to get out of the house and enjoy the wonders of sunnier and warmer days. 

Use these visuals for your email marketing campaigns or social media posts. With time, you’ll notice more engagement with your audience that will appreciate a refreshing update in their feeds.  

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2. Early spring

Spring does not immediately come to every corner of the planet. Sometimes, before it becomes warm, sunny, and picturesque everywhere, you need to be content with grey sky, sleeping nature, and a bit of snow. 

However, these things have a kind of magic of their own. You can find visuals illustrating the awakening of nature in this brand new photo collection.

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3. Holi, March 10-11  

The first month of spring is full of events and Holi is definitely one not to miss. In addition to being annually celebrated in India, the festival of colors also takes place in different corners of the world, from the US to Europe. 

If you’d like to add more colors to your ad or have been looking for an alternative occasion for holiday marketing, the festival of colors might be exactly what you need. 

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4. Cherry blossom in Japan, 2nd and 3rd week of March

The most breathtaking phenomenon that happens every spring is the Cherry blossom season in Japan. It is also a symbol of a fresh start and a good reason to promote your products or services in light of this celebration. 

Clients interested in starting everything from a blank page or simply looking for new beginnings might get inspired with beautiful visuals of cherry blossoms because it’s not something they’d immediately expect from your brand. 

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5. Easter holidays, mid April

In 2020, Easter is celebrated on April 12 and for marketers, the beginning of March is an ideal time to plan and prepare for holiday marketing. 

Here’s some advice: appeal to people with concepts that they value the most. These could be arts and crafts with children, family picnics, thematic decorations and arrangements, and of course, holiday shopping. 

All images illustrating the joy of the upcoming Easter holidays are in this photo collection carefully curated by our content team. 

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6. Earth Day, April 22

In April brands can showcase their clients how environmentally conscious they are when it comes to Mother Earth. One of the easiest ways to do that is to celebrate the beauty of our planet by sharing a series of breathtaking visuals on social media or in your brand’s blog. 

Use visuals from this thematic photo collection to show your audience that you care. 

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7. Mother’s Day, May 10

After Easter, Mother’s Day is perhaps the second most important upcoming date. People are ready to spend money on gifts and experiences in order to show their Moms how much they love them. 

For brands, the holiday is an amazing opportunity to get more loyal clients and increase sales. You’ll definitely reach new clients with catchy email subject lines and heartwarming images from our Mother’s Day photo collection.  

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8. Spring videos

In 2020, video is still king. According to Wyzowl, 87% of businesses are using video for marketing purposes and if you’re not doing it yet, you should definitely consider the format. Here are some stats to get you thinking:

  • 95% of a message is retained by viewers when watching videos
  • 88% more time is spent on websites that have videos
  • 48% of people share video content with their friends more than any other type of content

What’s even more insightful is that 91% of marketers are satisfied with the ROI of video marketing on social media. If you need additional proof that video plays a crucial role in marketing, check out this infographic

Already familiar with the power of video? Discover our video collection and choose the perfect footage for your campaign or ad this spring. 

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Spring video


9. Vectors for spring holiday marketing

For customized solutions, we also have a collection of vectors that you can edit and adjust according to the needs of your brand. The collection includes everything from backgrounds you can use for greetings, to single elements you can extract to enrich your designs that are a work in progress. 

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10. Thematic illustrations

When you feel like trying something new with seasonal marketing, turn to our collection of thematic spring illustrations. It features creative works like watercolor and acrylic illustrations, as well as freehand digital illustrations and vector graphics. 

Explore the full collection below and find an illustration or series that would help you communicate in new and innovative ways. 

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If you need more thematic visuals to go along with projects you plan to launch this spring, try our non-stocky search filter for photography. It allows you to find unique, authentic images in our library of 140 millions of files.

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