As photography continually evolves, photographers are always looking for unique ways to capture breathtaking images. One technique that offers a charming combination of color and movement is smoke bomb photography. Whether against a backdrop of nature or urban landscapes, colored smoke creates an otherworldly atmosphere that instantly captures viewer attention.

Yet, the beauty of smoke bomb pictures lies not only in the striking visual effect of the smoke itself, but in the challenge it presents photographers. Working with a fleeting and unpredictable element like smoke requires skill and preparation.

In this article, we’ll explore what equipment you need for smoke bomb photography, how to find the right smoke bombs, and how to manage the risks associated with it to take smoke bomb pictures like a pro. If you’re ready to plan your first smoke bomb photoshoot, let’s dive in!

Smoke Bomb Photography Ideas

What is smoke bomb photography?

Smoke bomb photography is a form of photography that combines traditional elements of composition and lighting with vibrant and colorful smoke. It is widely used across various photography styles, from portraiture and fashion to wedding and landscape photography. This technique utilizes smoke bombs, which, when ignited, produce vivid clouds of smoke that can be used as a moving background; this transforms ordinary scenes into ethereal dreamscapes.

The concept of smoke bomb photography is relatively simple, but the execution requires a balance of preparation, timing, and creativity. It adds an element of spontaneity to photoshoots. As the smoke’s direction and shape constantly changes, the photographer must adapt and react quickly to capture the perfect shot. Yet, the unpredictability of the smoke can result in truly unique and stunning images, making smoke bomb photography a favorite technique among adventurous and innovative photographers.

Smoke Bomb Photography

How do smoke bombs work?

Smoke bombs work through a chemical reaction that produces smoke when the bomb’s contents are ignited. The primary components of smoke bombs are a fuel source, an oxidizer, and a color-producing agent. When a smoke bomb is lit, the fuel and oxidizer react to produce heat, which causes the color-producing agent to vaporize and release a plume of smoke. Depending on the desired effect, smoke bombs can be handheld or placed on the ground, depending on the desired effect.

How long do smoke bombs last to take cool pictures?

The duration of a smoke bomb varies depending on the brand and type you choose. On average, most smoke bombs last between 30 seconds to 2 minutes, which means you’ll need to work quickly to capture your desired shots.​

Your Ultimate Guide to Smoke Bomb Photography: Ideas, Settings, and Tips

How do you choose the right smoke bomb for photoshoot?

  • Color. The color of the smoke can set the mood and tone of your photos. Think about what emotions you want to evoke and choose colors that will enhance your creative vision. The color of the smoke bomb should complement your subject and the overall composition of your image. Bear in mind that some smoke bombs come in single colors, while others offer a mix of colors for more variety.
  • Duration. Depending on the complexity of your shoot and the number of images you wish to take, you may need a smoke bomb with a longer duration. On the other hand, a shorter-duration smoke bomb might be suitable for quick and dynamic shots. Be sure to check the specifications of the smoke bomb before purchasing.
  • Density. High-density smoke bombs produce a thick cloud of smoke that can fully envelop a subject. This is perfect for creating an intense visual effect. Low-density smoke bombs emit more transparent smoke, creating a softer look ideal for a dreamy or romantic atmosphere.
  • Smoke bomb type. Smoke bombs come in various forms, such as handheld, pull-ring, or wire-pull devices. Handheld smoke bombs are useful for more control while pull-ring and wire-pull smoke bombs can be placed on the ground or other surfaces. Pull-ring smoke and wire-pull smoke bombs are generally preferred by photographers because they’re easier and safer to use.
  • Brand. Research and choose a reputable brand known for producing reliable smoke bombs. A trusted brand not only guarantees a quality product, but also ensures that the smoke bombs have been made with safety considerations in mind. Look for smoke bombs that are non-toxic and cool-burning to prevent any harm.

Smoke Bomb Photography guide

A brief overview of popular smoke bombs for your photos

In the realm of smoke bomb photography, several brands have gained popularity among photographers due to their reliability, color vibrancy, and variety. Here’s a brief overview of some of them:

  1. Enola Gaye. A well-known brand in the smoke bomb market, Enola Gaye offers a wide range of products specifically designed for photography and filmmaking. Their Wire Pull smoke bombs are particularly popular, providing a thick plume of smoke that lasts around 90 seconds. They also offer Twin Vent smoke bombs, which emit smoke from both ends simultaneously for a more dynamic effect.
  2. Peacock Smoke. Peacock Smoke is another popular choice among photographers. They offer an extensive selection of smoke bombs that are handheld and easy to use. Peacock Smoke also offers Dual Vent smoke bombs that release smoke from both ends. Their products are known for vivid colors and a duration range from 30 seconds to over 2 minutes, allowing you to select the most suitable option for your project.
  3. Smoke Effect. Smoke Effect offers various smoke bombs designed for photography and special effects. Their Ring Pull smoke bombs are widely used by photographers, producing dense smoke for approximately 90 seconds. Smoke Effect also offers a wide range of color options, allowing you to choose the perfect hue.
  4. Sport Smoke. Although initially designed for tactical and sports applications, Sport Smoke products have found their way into the world of photography. Their Tactical smoke series offers photographers high-output smoke bombs that can produce a large volume of smoke for around 2 to 3 minutes, making them ideal for more extensive shoots or group photos.

Smoke bomb pictures

Ideas where to do smoke bomb photography

When planning a photoshoot with smoke bombs, the choice of location not only depends on the look and feel you want to achieve in your smoke bomb photoshoot, but also on safety. Opt for open or outdoor spaces, away from flammable materials and dense crowds. Outdoor locations often work best for smoke bomb photography due to the need for sufficient ventilation and space for the smoke to disperse, which helps to reduce potential safety hazards. Furthermore, natural lighting conditions can enhance the smoke’s colors and create contrast with the environment.

The backdrop of your smoke bomb photoshoot should complement the smoke and your subject. Consider the colors, textures, and overall ambiance of the location to ensure it aligns with your creative vision. Apart from that, consider choosing a location that is easily accessible to you, your subject, and crew members involved in the shoot. This will help streamline the setup process and make it easier to transport equipment and smoke bombs. And don’t forget that some locations may require permits to conduct a photoshoot, especially when using smoke bombs.

Here are a few types of locations to consider:

  • Open fields or parks. These provide plenty of open space for the smoke to disperse and are typically far from flammable materials, making them a safe choice. The natural greenery can also provide a beautiful contrast to the vibrant colors of the smoke.
  • Beaches. A beach can be a fantastic location for a smoke bomb photoshoot, as it provides space for the smoke to disperse. Besides, water can offer unique opportunities for spectacular images.
  • Urban settings. If you’re looking for a more edgy or contrasting feel, urban environments like graffiti walls, abandoned buildings, or city streets can add a layer of visual interest and complement the smoke’s colors. But remember that safety should be your top priority, so respect the location and people.
  • Forests or woodlands. Natural environments, with their rich textures and serene atmosphere, can beautifully contrast with the vibrant colors of smoke bombs, creating a mystical and dreamy atmosphere. Yet, it’s important to be mindful of the potential environmental impact and ensure you leave no traces behind.

smoke bomb for photography

How to manage the risks of smoke bomb photography

While smoke bomb photography can produce stunning results, it’s crucial to be aware of the potential risks involved. This ensures not only the safety of everyone involved in the smoke bomb photoshoot, but also the location and people around. Keep these safety tips in mind:

  • Understand the product. Read and understand the instructions provided by the smoke bomb manufacturer before use. This includes how to ignite the smoke bomb, how long it lasts, how to extinguish it, and what to do in case of a malfunction.
  • Use safety gear. Use protective gloves to hold smoke bombs, especially if they’re not cool-burning and get hot when ignited. Safety glasses and masks are also recommended to protect your eyes from possible smoke irritation and minimize the inhalation of smoke particles.
  • Ensure ventilation. As mentioned, smoke bombs should ideally be used outdoors or in well-ventilated areas to prevent smoke inhalation. In enclosed spaces, smoke can become overwhelming and potentially harmful.
  • Be aware of fire hazards. Smoke bombs can pose a fire risk, especially in dry, flammable areas. Always have a fire extinguisher or water nearby in case of emergencies, and never use smoke bombs in areas with a high fire risk. Never leave a lit smoke bomb unattended and make sure it is fully extinguished before disposing of it.
  • Respect the environment. In some areas, smoke bombs may be classified under pyrotechnics and require special permission to use. Always check local regulations and obtain the necessary permissions before your shoot. Avoid using smoke bombs in sensitive ecological areas or around animals that may be negatively affected by the smoke. And make sure to clean up the area after the shoot to protect the environment.
  • Inform people around. If you’re working with a model, ensure they understand what to expect during the shoot and are aware of the risks associated with smoke bomb photography. Inform them about the smoke bomb’s properties and how to handle the smoke bombs safely. Don’t forget to alert people around that you’re conducting a photoshoot with smoke bombs to minimize potential accidents.
  • Check your positioning. Always be aware of where the smoke is moving and adjust your position accordingly. Keep a safe distance from smoke bombs to avoid having smoke blown toward you and your equipment. If you’re photographing models, consider how the smoke will interact with them.

smoke bomb photography ideas

10 smoke bomb photography tips

1. Choose the right smoke bomb.

As discussed earlier, choosing the right smoke is a key element that will determine the success of your smoke bomb photoshoot. It’s not just about picking the first or the cheapest option you come across. Consider the color smoke bomb for photography, density, burn time, and ignition method as carefully as you choose your photography gear.

2. Check weather conditions.

Choose a calm day with minimal wind for your shoot. Wind speed and direction can greatly affect your smoke bomb photoshoot. Strong winds can disperse the smoke too quickly, while a lack of wind can cause the smoke to hang in the air, possibly leading to breathing difficulties.

3. Work with a helper.

Smoke bombs can be tricky to handle while you’re also managing your camera. A helper can ignite and hold the smoke bomb, leaving you free to focus on capturing the perfect shot. They can also assist with safety measures, ensuring the shoot runs smoothly.

4. Use a fast shutter speed.

This is an important camera setting for smoke bomb photography. Smoke moves quickly, so a fast shutter speed can help freeze the smoke in your image, allowing you to capture the details it creates. Depending on the lighting conditions, you may need to adjust your aperture and ISO settings in manual mode to compensate for the faster shutter speed.

smoke bomb couple photography

5. Shoot in RAW.

RAW files contain more data than JPEGs, giving you greater flexibility in post-processing. This means you can better adjust exposure, color balance, and other settings without losing image quality; this can be particularly important when dealing with the dynamic and vibrant colors of smoke bombs.

6. Experiment with lighting.

Different lighting conditions can create different smoke effects. When shooting outdoors, make full use of the natural light available to you. For example, golden hour provides soft and warm light that can beautifully illuminate the smoke. If you’re shooting indoors, try using artificial lights to light up the smoke or your subject separately. Just remember to balance your artificial light to avoid overexposure or harsh shadows.

7. Direct your subject.

If you’re incorporating a model in your smoke bomb photoshoot, it’s important to give them clear and specific directions. This can include where and how to hold the smoke bomb, how to pose, and how to interact with the smoke. Dynamic poses and movement can create more interesting and engaging photos with smoke bombs.

8. Try different angles.

Don’t limit yourself to one perspective during your shoot. Experiment with different angles: get low, climb up high, or shoot from the side. Each angle can provide a unique view of the smoke and create a different atmosphere in your image.

9. Post-process your images.

Post-processing is an essential step in smoke bomb photography. It allows you to enhance the color, contrast, and sharpness of your images, and to correct any minor exposure or color balance issues. No matter what software for editing you’re using, remember to stay true to your original vision and avoid over-editing, which can make your images look unnatural.

10. Put safety first.

This can’t be emphasized enough. Always prioritize safety during your photoshoot with smoke bombs.

To wrap up

Smoke bomb photography offers you an opportunity to transform ordinary scenes into extraordinary dreamscapes. Armed with the right knowledge, equipment, and creative vision, you’ll be well-prepared to take breathtaking smoke bomb photos that will captivate your audience. Now, let your imagination soar as you explore the limitless possibilities that smoke bomb photography has to offer.

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