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For our blog readers: Images for as low as $0.80
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What 20 Famous Movie Set Locations Look Like In Real Life

Every cinema piece takes us on a journey. Deliberately chosen sets contribute to the atmosphere of the movies. Some locations are built, others take place in remote and famous locations around the world. Here are 20 movie set locations that have been glorified through cinema. Off screen, they’re demystified and accessible to all.

10 Documentaries for Photography Enthusiasts

The need to find inspiration is a constant struggle for every artist and designer. You have to adjust your vision as a photographer to open the doors to higher creativity. Documentaries are a great source of inspiration because they mark the struggles, hardships and experiences of the great artists that have come before you.

5 Things Photographers Can Learn From Famous Film Directors

We devour films at incredible speeds, rarely stopping to take in the hidden meanings behind the frames. For every photographer, this is a missed opportunity. Today we take apart frames from movies of some of the world’s most notable film directors to uncover hidden lessons in photography.

Creative Cuts: Lessons from Cinematography

Inspiration sometimes comes from the most unexpected places. Next time you’re watching a movie, pay attention to how shots are framed; the art of cinematography provides many lessons for the untrained eye. After all, ‘Director of photography’ is yet another word for a cinematographer.

The conscious choices you make in your compositions are vital to the success of your photographs just as a cinematographer’s framing of shots is vital to the success of the movie. We have gathered some of the most notable movie stills to illustrate excellent composition and give every photographer a chance to absorb the lessons hidden behind the frames.

Movies about photography

If you are related to photoart, surely, it would be interesting for you to watch some of these movies.  We’ll start from old movies and then we’ll go back to nowadays masterpieces. The first well-known movie about photography is “Rear window” directed by Alfred Hitchcock. In this movie the main character is a photographer who suddenly becomes a witness of a murder. Since 1954 this movie has got many awards and turned to a legendary masterpiece in cinematographic culture.