One of the most important skills for creators today is multitasking and the ability to learn continuously. Significant events happen in the world all the time, greatly influencing our society. This in particular is reflected in topics, concepts, and approaches used in the creative industry and communication.

Considering the speed of modern life and the volume of information we deal with daily, it’s easy to miss something important. We collected the most interesting themed newsletters to help you keep up with the latest releases and trends in the creative sphere. Just choose a favorite and start regularly receiving useful motivational content from the best experts!


Free newsletters for creatives

1. Austin Kleon’s newsletter: “10 things worth sharing”

For whom: anyone who wants to develop their creativity

Frequency: on Fridays

Austin Kleon is an American writer, and the author of well-known bestsellers such as “Steal like an artist” and “Show your work”. Aside from writing books, he maintains an active blog and gives lectures around the world about creativity in the digital age. Austin promotes the idea that you can create your own unique works based on the transformation of other people’s ideas, and he also motivates the audience to trust their own abilities. In his books, blog, and weekly newsletter, the author generously shares advice on how to unleash one’s creativity. Kleon’s letters are very popular with over 100 thousand readers who receive them. In these letters, the creator shares the things that inspire him, like books, movies, music, ideas, links, as well as tips and advice. Subscribe to his newsletter on the Substack platform and receive your dose of inspiration from Austin Kleon every Friday.

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2. Digital Native newsletter

For whom: marketers 

Frequency: on Wednesdays

If you are into digital marketing and the inter-influence of technology and culture, you’ll probably like Rex Woodbury’s newsletter. He is a partner at Index Ventures company, which helps ambitious entrepreneurs turn their bold ideas into successful businesses. Rex’s favorite topics include online communication, generation Z, marketplaces, and the digital economy. Here are some examples of his top materials, “A Guide to Gen Z Through TikTok Trends, Emojis, & Language”, “Transhuman: The Rise of Digital Identities”, “Influencer Marketing 2.0”. He creates profound content supported by analytics, themed research, and his own experience. So, you’ll definitely find a lot of insight through the Digital Native newsletter. You can subscribe to it using this link.


3. Rishad Tobaccowala’s newsletter “The Future Does Not Fit In The Containers Of The Past” 

For whom: marketers, managers, business owners 

Frequency: on Sundays 

Rishad Tobaccowala is a writer, counselor, speaker, and a former development director at the international media group Publicis Groupe. For over four decades, he has been helping people, brands, and teams develop themselves through constant periods of change. This is the topic of his bestseller book “Restoring the Soul of Business: Staying Human in the Age of Data”. By the way, The Economist magazine called this book one of the best new publications on stakeholder capitalism. The audience of Rishad’s weekly newsletter “The Future Does Not Fit In The Containers Of The Past” amounts to over 25 thousand readers. If you are interested in topics of leadership, business development, and adapting business to market requirements, subscribe to it here. After that, every Sunday, you will receive an email with the most important content from the top marketing expert.

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4. DESK Newsletter by Tobias van Schneider 

For whom: designers 

Frequency: every other week 

Tobias van Schneider is a distinguished multi-disciplinary designer from Germany currently living and working in New York. In his portfolio, there are works for renowned companies such as NASA, Google, Red Bull, BMW, Sony, Toyota, Ralph Lauren, and many others. In addition, he was an art director and a chief product designer at Spotify. Tobias is a co-founder of the Semplice online platform for designers and DESK blog, which covers design, psychology, and productivity topics. According to the authors, the main feature of the service is that it’s actually written by creators for creators. So here, you won’t find any general topics like “the latest UX trends”. After becoming the blog’s “reading club” member, you’ll get access to all materials, projects, and many other bonuses. And in addition, you will get an email newsletter from Tobias with his personal thoughts and tips every other week.


5. Depositphotos Blog Digest 

For whom: photographers, designers, marketers 

Frequency: monthly

Depositphotos Blog is dedicated to three main topics – photography, design, and marketing. Every week, we share useful and inspiring content with our audience. For example, in our blog, you can find tips, themed research, info about niche trends, atmospheric collections, and motivational interviews. To not miss out on anything, subscribe to the digest on the home page – and once a month you will receive an email with selected articles. Only ten minutes of your time to stay up to date with the latest ideas and topics in the creative sphere.

Depositphotos blog digest


6. Feature Shoot newsletter

For whom: photographers and photography art lovers 

Frequency: twice a week 

Feature Shoot shares the best works of distinguished photographers and beginners from all over the world. Here, you will find all photography genres, as well as a wide range of topics; currently, there are already over 4000 publications with exciting photos in the archive. Aside from creative inspiration, the public page’s authors share recommendations and opportunities, as well as exclusive interviews with creators. Readers also get information about relevant photo contests and useful resources. You can join them through this link.


7. MakerMind Newsletter

For whom: creators who would like to increase their productivity

Frequency: weekly 

The goal of the Ness Labs education platform is to promote mindful productivity. In its weekly newsletter, you will find neuroscience-based strategies to maximize your creativity and productivity. MakerMind’s content authors are part scientists, part creators, just like the platform’s founder Anne-Laure Le Cunff. The strategies you’ll learn about are based on scientific research and practical experience. Apart from productivity, the articles are dedicated to such topics as continuous learning, purposeful creativity, time management, the search of motivation and ideas, and many more. So, if you like the idea of working more efficiently instead of working more, and want to reach your goals without sacrificing your mental health, consider this newsletter.

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To sum up 

Newsletters are often considered annoying and useless. But in reality, it’s a very convenient channel to obtain information, since it comes in small increments and in an easy-to-read format. In addition, it’s a significant time saver: you don’t have to search for the content by yourself, you get the best materials in your inbox at a certain frequency. Moreover, you take full control of the process and can unsubscribe at any moment. Also, newsletters for creators are a powerful motivational tool that will encourage you to constantly self-develop and broaden your horizons.


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