We’d like to start 2022 on a positive and hopeful note, so we reached out to photographers, visual artists, and content creators who inspire us. We invited them to talk to their inner child, be vulnerable, and share some resolutions they’re making for the upcoming 12 months. The idea is not to put even more pressure on ourselves and others, but to reflect mindfully and have some fun instead. Are you in? If yes, keep on reading!


Nasty Kharytonova visual storyteller

One of my main resolutions for 2022 is to experience self-doubt as little as possible. I’d like to repurpose this energy into believing in myself, my ideas, and my projects.

I’ve been dreaming about moving to Berlin for a while, and unfortunately, I haven’t been able to make it happen yet. But this year, I’d like to spend a month living there. Why not transform this big dream into a small experiment? Hopefully, I’ll be able to finally travel to Japan and visit local tea farms. And finally, I’d like to organize an exciting adventure with my mother.

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Katalin Szaraz fine art photographer

Every year, when I come to the question of New Year’s resolutions, I end up with the same conclusion: I won’t make any. I think that freelance creatives and artists like me already have so much pressure to cope with and have a lot of expectations – especially from ourselves – so I’ll do myself a favor and won’t create an extra one. I think that can require effort, too. Or maybe it already sounds like a resolution?

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Anna Lebedeva content creator

I’m looking for activities that will allow me to stay away from screens. For example, surf or make something with clay. Then your hands are busy, and you cannot just grab your phone and lose yourself in endless social media feeds. And biking is my favorite kind of sport and meditation. Rodrigo Moraes inspires me a lot, and I’d like to practice and be a bit more like him. I’d like to go on day-long trips and not shy away from really challenging roads, meet other trekking bikers, and greet each other.

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Ivan and Bojan Zamurovic photographers

We are brothers from Serbia. As we are both facing a mid-life crisis, our New Year’s resolutions reflect our current state 🙂 I am the older brother, so I have to be more responsible and cautious. On the other hand, Bojan, as a younger brother, is reckless and easygoing and lives like it’s his last day. 🙂

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Zlata Petrenko content creator

I wanted to come up with a resolution outside the traditional areas of life, such as education, career, and home. My first idea was volunteering, which used to be my main source of joy back at home in Kazakhstan. It gave me a strong sense of community which is something I’ve missed a lot after moving to Germany. Then, I thought about writing a cookbook, which is a dream that I’ve had for a long time, but I don’t think I’m experienced enough to do it.

The truth is I know nothing about music. I’ve never studied it. Moreover, I was rejected from a school choir that I wanted to join. I’ve always thought that music wasn’t for me because you need to dedicate a lot of your time to it since early childhood. My impatience definitely wouldn’t help either. But a few years ago, I attended a live concert and discovered handpan music. I’ve wanted to learn it myself since then, and I’d like to finally do it this year!

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To sum it all up

Beginning a new year can be not only exciting, but also daunting and stressful. Some of us have huge goals that freak us out, while others have no idea what to wish for. Both of these situations and all others are valid and completely normal. Hopefully, these resolutions have inspired you to take smaller steps and enjoy your path more. Let’s fill 2022 with creativity and fulfillment together!

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