We’ve known about the existence of 360-degree photography and video but it hasn’t been until recently that we realized the potential of both. 360-degree photography is said to be a revolutionary concept for many industries. Today we look at it as a tool for marketers, advertisers and other creatives looking to catch the waves of the new trend.

360 degree photography

New technologies are taking the internet by storm

Youtube has introduced 360-degree streaming, Facebook has added 360-degree content to Instant Articles as well as live 360-degree streaming. Go Pro, Nokia and many other brands have invested into 360-degree cameras. The developments indicate that there really is something of value here.

360 degree photography

The implications of 360-degree content

Imagine the implications of 360-degree photography and video in the field of tourism. If you’re unsure about your hotel or your destination, you can submerse yourself in an engaging experience to see what the places are really like. One thing is for sure, 360-degree photography is becoming an important medium and is seeping into the VR experience as we speak.

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The 360-degree experience used in marketing

How is this information relevant to marketers? When you want to pitch new ideas, you want to make sure you do it with purpose. Could your business be shown in an immersive image? 360 video or photography can be incorporated into your webpage to create an interactive experience for your clients. 360-degrees has truly opened up a new world of possibilities and produced a new method of advertising.

As you’re reading this, newer technologies are improving the trendy medium. 360-degree photography and video allow one to explore all angles and truly capture real life experiences from a fresh perspective. You could use the technologies to introduce new products or take your clients behind the scenes of your business. Here are some advantages to 360-degree marketing campaigns:

  • Using 360-degree content provides an immersive experience for your clients
  • It is more engaging because this type of content is impactful
  • You will be memorable

Here’s an example of Boursin, a cheese supplier, showcasing the contents of a fridge with their products. The video won Winner of masters of Marketing Awards last year.

Another excellent example is the five minute film called “Reimagine” starring actress Nicole Kidman and advertising A380 Airbus. Peter Baumgartner, the Chief Executive of airline mentioned:

“The film demonstrates how, as an innovative brand, we continue to break down the barriers of convention and lead the way in intelligent communication and best practice not just in the aviation industry, but [in]marketing, communication and technology.”

Both of these examples show that 360-degree content is another medium that gives marketers creative freedom and room to experiment. Once you see what can be done with one form of medium, it’s clear that rapid changes are going to happen in the advertising industry. One is left to wonder what other advancements are coming our way with the union of 360 and VR.

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