Modern fashion photography is not limited to showcasing clothes or accessories on glossy magazine pages. It’s about human stories told through aesthetic shots. And although this task already seems complicated, the genre has strict rules to follow.

Fashion photographers often work with portraits. Mostly staged, with carefully adjusted lighting and dedicated cooperation with a stylist, make-up artist, and model. Fashion shots are perfectly balanced in composition, palette, and details that reveal a story.

With the newest Editor’s Choice Gallery, we’re inviting you to enjoy a new spin on fashion photography offered by Depositphotos contributor Facereader. Gender, racial, and age diversity, aesthetic backdrops that emphasize model expressions, and bold angles combined with classic Renaissance compositions—these are just a few features that make the portfolio of this experienced fashion photographer irresistible.

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Although fashion photography often implies that an artist shoots models with products per a client’s request, there’s still a place for this genre on Depositphotos. The fashion photos you’ll find on our stock content platform — whether by browsing our collections or searching by visual reference or keyword — leverage the best practices of the genre, including a model-centered approach, professional lighting, and balanced compositions.

In need of a well-designed website, standout collage for social media, or sophisticated printed materials? Then check out images by Facereader and thousands of other talented contributors on our platform.

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